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The Secretary of State of "Maine is elected by the Legislature in that "U.S. state. The basis of the office is Article V of the "Maine Constitution. The Maine Secretary of State is responsible for administering elections, the "Maine State Archives, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and for chartering "corporations. The Secretary of State is elected at the start of the first session of the "Maine Legislature for a two-year term, concurrent with the other constitutional officers of Maine. The incumbent is "Matthew Dunlap, who took office in January 2013. Dunlap previously held the office from January 2005 to January 2011.

List of Secretaries of State[edit]

Tenure Secretary of State Hometown Party Notes
1820–1821 "Ashur Ware "Portland Democratic-Republican
1822–1828 Amos Nichols "Augusta Democratic-Republican
1829–1830 "Edward Russell "North Yarmouth National Republican
1831–1834 Roscoe Greene "Portland Democratic
1835–1837 Asaph Nichols "Augusta Democratic
1838 "Samuel P. Benson "Winthrop Whig
1839 Asaph Nichols "Augusta Democratic
1840 Philip C. Johnson "Augusta Democratic
1841 "Samuel P. Benson "Winthrop Democratic
1842–1844 Philip C. Johnson "Augusta Democratic
1845 William B. Hartwell "Augusta Democratic
1846–1849 "Ezra B. French "Damariscotta Democratic
1850–1853 John G. Sawyer "Augusta Democratic
1854–1855 Alden Jackson "Augusta Whig
1856 "Caleb Ayer "Cornish Democratic
1857 Alden Jackson "Augusta Democratic
1858–1860 Noah Smith, Jr. "Calais Republican
1861–1863 Joseph B. Hall "Presque Isle Republican
1864–1867 Ephraim Flint, Jr. "Dover Republican
1868–1871 Franklin M. Drew "Brunswick Republican
1872–1874 George B. Stacy "Richmond Republican Resigned
1875 "Sidney Perham "Paris, Maine Republican Previously served as governor.
1876–1878 S.J. Chadbourne "Dixmont Democratic
1879 Edward H. Gove "Biddeford Greenback
1880 S.J. Chadbourne "Augusta Republican
1881–1884 Joseph O. Smith "Augusta Republican
1885–1890 "Ormandel Smith "Litchfield Republican
1891–1896 "Nicholas Fessenden "Fort Fairfield Republican
1897–1906 "Byron Boyd "Augusta Republican
1907–1910 Arthur I. Brown "Belfast Republican
1911–1912 "Cyrus W. Davis "Waterville Democrat
1913–1914 Joseph E. Alexander "Richmond Republican
1915–1916 John E. Bunker "Eden Democrat
1917–1926 Frank W. Ball "Dover Republican
1927–1932 Edgar C. Smith "Augusta Republican
1933–1934 Robinson C. Tobey "Augusta Republican
1935–1936 "Lewis O. Barrows "Newport Republican
1937–1941 Frederick Robie "Gorham Republican
1942–1960 "Harold I. Goss "Gardiner Republican Longest-serving Maine Secretary of State
1961–1964 "Paul A. MacDonald Coopers Mills Republican
1965–1966 "Kenneth M. Curtis "Cape Elizabeth Democratic
1967–1974 "Joseph T. Edgar "Farmingdale Republican
1975–1978 Markham L. Gartley "Greenville Democratic Ran unsuccessfully for "Congress against "Olympia Snowe in 1978.
1979–1988 "Rodney S. Quinn "Augusta Democratic
1989–1996 "William Diamond "Windham Democratic
1997–2004 "Dan Gwadosky "Fairfield Democratic
2005-2010 "Matthew Dunlap "Old Town Democratic
2011-2012 "Charlie Summers "Scarborough Republican
2013-present "Matthew Dunlap "Old Town Democratic Incumbent

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