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The Secretary of State of Nevada is a statewide elected office in the "State of Nevada. The "secretary of state post is common to many "U.S. states. In Nevada, it is a constitutional office (i.e., it is mandated by the "Constitution of Nevada).

The current Secretary of State, "Republican "Barbara Cegavske, was elected in 2014. Cegavske was preceded by "Ross Miller, who served as Secretary of State from 2007 to 2015.



The Nevada Secretary of State's Office is composed of five divisions:

Other duties[edit]

The Secretary of State acts as the official record-keeper of the state of Nevada, and is the keeper of the "State Seal of Nevada. The Secretary also maintains the official bond of the state treasurer, and serves on the State Board of Prison Commissioners, the State Board of Examiners, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board, the State Records Committee, the State Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy and the Executive Branch Audit Committee.[3]

The Secretary also maintains the state's registry of "living wills and "advance medical directives,[4] and maintains a list of "ministers and "clergy in the state.[5]


In 2004, under the leadership of then Secretary of State "Dean Heller, Nevada became the first state in the nation to implement an auditable paper trail to electronic voting machines.[6]

List of Secretaries of State[edit]

  "Democratic (7)   "Free Silver (1)   "Republican (9)

# Secretary of State Party Term start Term end
1 Chauncey Noteware   "Republican 1864 1871
2 James Minor   "Republican 1871 1879
3 Jasper Babcock   "Republican 1879 1883
4 John Dormer   "Republican 1883 1891
5 Oscar Grey   "Republican 1891 1895
6 Eugene Howell   "Silver 1895 1903
7 William "Gib" Douglass   "Republican 1903 1911
8 George Brodigan   "Democratic 1911 1923
9 William G. Greathouse   "Democratic 1923 1937
10 Malcolm McEachin   "Democratic 1937 1947
11 John Koontz   "Democratic 1947 1973
12 "William D. Swackhamer   "Democratic 1973 1987
13 "Frankie Sue Del Papa   "Democratic 1987 1991
14 Cheryl Lau   "Republican 1991 1995
15 "Dean Heller   "Republican 1995 2007
16 "Ross Miller   "Democratic 2007 2015
17 "Barbara Cegavske   "Republican 2015 incumbent

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