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A Semantic Service Oriented Architecture (SSOA) is an architecture that allows for scalable and controlled "Enterprise Application Integration solutions.[1] SSOA describes a sophisticated approach to enterprise-scale IT infrastructure. It leverages rich, machine-interpretable descriptions of data, services, and processes to enable "software agents to autonomously interact to perform critical mission functions. SSOA is technically founded on three notions:

  1. The principles of "Service-oriented architecture (SOA);
  2. Standards Based Design (SBD); and
  3. "Semantics-based computing.

SSOA combines and implements these computer science concepts into a robust, extensible architecture capable of enabling complex, powerful functions.[2]



In the "health care industry, SSOA of "HL7 has long been implemented["citation needed]. Other protocols include "LOINC, "PHIN, and "HIPAA related standards. There is a series of SSOA-related "ISO standards published for "financial services, which can be found at the ISO's website[3],[4],.[5] Some financial sectors also adopt "EMV standards to facilitate European consumers. A part of SSOA on transport and trade are in the ISO sections of 03.220.20 and 35.240.60[6],.[7] Some general guidelines of the technology and the standards in other fields are partially located at 25.040.40, 35.240.99[8],[9],.[10]

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