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Sex report films ("German: Report-Filme) were "pseudo-documentaries that had sexual life as their subject matter. Effectively "sexploitation films, the genre was particularly popular in the early 1970s "Europe.


Mostly a German (or "Germanophone) phenomenon, these films followed the wake of the "Kinsey and "Masters and Johnson type reports as well as maintaining elements from the German-speaking educational films (Aufklärungsfilme) tradition. Producers "Erwin C. Dietrich (particularly in the late 1960s) and "Wolf C. Hartwig were active in the genre: the latter produced the "Schulmädchen-Report films, which may be considered a subgenre on their own.

After Schulmädchen-Report[edit]

The success of the Schulmädchen-Report: Was Eltern nicht für möglich halten in 1970 triggered a range of new films that had titles ending with the word -Report per norm, which ostensibly focused on certain populations and gradually lost their pseudo-documentary tone. Hausfrauen-Report (1971), Ehemänner-Report (1971), Lehrmädchen-Report (1972), Krankenschwestern-Report (1972), Teenager-Report (1973) were among the most distinguished specimens of the genre whereas "Ernst Hofbauer exalted as a pioneering director.


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