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Siehe, es hat überwunden der Löwe (Behold, the lion has triumphed), "TWV 1:1328, "BWV 219, is a "church cantata by "Georg Philipp Telemann, written for "Michaelmas in 1723. Formerly the cantata was accredited to "Johann Sebastian Bach.


History and text[edit]

The cantata was performed in "Hamburg in 1723 and again in 1728.[1]

The text is by "Erdmann Neumeister.[1]

Scoring and structure[edit]

The work is scored for soprano, alto and bass soloists, "four-part choir, two "trumpets, two "violins, "viola and "basso continuo.[2]

It has five movements:

  1. Chorus: Siehe, es hat überwunden der Löwe
  2. Aria (bass): Gott stürzt den Hochmut des wütenden Drachen
  3. Recitative (soprano): Mensch, willt du nicht dein Heil verscherzen
  4. Aria (alto): Wenn in meinen letzten Zügen Sünd' und Satan mich
  5. Chorale: Lass deine Kirch' und unser Land



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