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Solar power in Iowa is in limited, with only 27 MW installed by 2015, ranking the state 29th among U.S. states.[1] Iowa's position as a major "wind power provider may have limited early solar investment. Solar on rooftops can provide 20% of all electricity used in "Iowa.[2] On June 7, 2012, Sky Factory in "Fairfield became the first company in the state to generate all of their electricity from solar power, with the installation of a 54 kW 3500 sq. ft. solar array.[3][4][5] Prior to that one of the largest arrays was the 15.75 kW array on the "Marshalltown Public Library.[6] An 800 kW array near "Kalona was the largest in the state when it went online in July, 2014.[7]

"Net metering is available continuously to all consumers generating up to 500 kW, one of the best policies in the country[8] but is given a B because of not being available to large, megawatt users.[9] A "feed-in tariff is available for customers of the Farmers Electrical Cooperative for up to 25% of their electricity. It pays 20 cents/kWh for electricity generated, none of which can be directly used – a separate meter is required, in a parallel connection, making it a power purchase agreement, instead of a feed-in tariff.[10] The state of Iowa has proposed a feed-in tariff, in Senate bill SF 225. A separate rate applies for systems less than 20 kW and systems from 20 kW to less than 20 MW.[11][12]

In December 2011, Des Moines-based MidAmerican Energy Holdings, a "Berkshire Hathaway company, purchased the "Topaz Solar Farm, which when completed, at 550 MW, was the "largest in the world.[13][14]



Source: NREL[15]
Iowa Grid-Connected PV Capacity (MW)[16][17][18][19][20][21]
Year Capacity Change % Change
2010 <0.1
2011 0.1 <0.1
2012 1.2 1.1 1100%
2013 4.6 3.4 283%
2014 21 16.4 356%
2015 27 6 29%

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