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""Flag of Soledar
""Coat of arms of Soledar
Coat of arms
Country  "Ukraine
"Oblast  "Donetsk Oblast
"Raion "Bakhmut Municipality
Elevation 100 m (300 ft)
Population (2013)
 • Total 11,708

Soledar ("Ukrainian: Соледар) is a "city in "Bakhmut municipality, "Donetsk Oblast ("province) of "Ukraine. Population: 11,708 (2013 est.)[1]. In 2001, the population was 13,151. The name of the town stands for 'gift of salt' both in "Russian and "Ukrainian. In "Soviet times, until 1991, the city was known as Karlo-Libknekhtivsk ("Ukrainian: Карло-Лібкнехтівськ), named after "Karl Liebknecht. The main enterprises of the city are related to mining and processing industries: State Enterprise Association Artyomsol is mining and processing rock salt and Knauf Gips Donbass (a subsidiary of a "German gypsum producer KNAUF). The first settlement in the area of the "town appeared not later than in 1881, with the start of commercial "salt production.

The "town has a major "tourist attraction: the "underground galleries and chambers of salt mines, which are also used extensively for speleo ("cave) treatment of "asthma and other "lung diseases.

Starting Mid-April 2014 "pro-Russian separatists "captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast;[2][3] including Soledar.[4] On 21 July 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly secured the city from the pro-Russian separatists.[5] On 2 August 2014 the identification team and "OSCE observers dealing with the "MH17 crash set up base in Soledar, because from there it was easier to get to the crash site.[6][7][8]


Native language as of the "Ukrainian Census of 2001:[9]



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"Coordinates: 48°41′N 38°06′E / 48.683°N 38.100°E / 48.683; 38.100

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