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This article gives a summary about the sports that are played in "Oceania.



The most popular sport in Oceania varies from country to country. The most popular sport in Australia is cricket, the most popular sport among Australian women is "netball, while "Australian rules football is the most popular sport in terms of spectatorship and television ratings.[1][2][3] Rugby is the most popular sport among New Zealanders.[4] In Papua New Guinea, the most popular sport is the "Rugby league.[5]

Rugby league[edit]

Rugby union[edit]


The "Oceania Football Confederation was founded in 1966. It organises the "FIFA World Cup qualifier, the "OFC Nations Cup for national teams and the "OFC Champions League for clubs.

The "Chinese Taipei Football Association was an OFC member from 1975 to 1989. The "Football Federation Australia left the OFC in 2006 to join "Asian Football Confederation.

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