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Staromykhailivka ("Ukrainian: Старомихайлівка), sometimes transcribed as Staromikhailovka ("Russian: Старомихайловка), is an "urban-type settlement in the "Marinka Raion, "Donetsk Oblast. Staromykhailivka is located 20 km west of "Donetsk; population: 5337 (2011).[1]

Starting Mid-April 2014 "pro-Russian separatists "captured several towns in Donetsk Oblast;[2][3] including Staromykhailivka.[4] On 2 August 2014 the "National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine confirmed reports that Ukrainian forces had recaptured control of Staromykhailivka from pro-Russian insurgents.[5][6]

As of October 2016 the settlement was under control of pro-Russian forces.[7]


"Coordinates: 47°59′56″N 37°35′01″E / 47.99889°N 37.58361°E / 47.99889; 37.58361

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