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Steven F. Lawson
Native name Steven Fred Lawson
Born (1945-06-14) June 14, 1945 (age 73)
"New York City, "New York
"United States
Residence United States
Academic background
Alma mater "City College of New York
("B.A. 1966)
"Columbia University
("M.A. 1967) ("Ph.D. 1974)
"Thesis 'Give Us the Ballot : The Expansion of Black Voting Rights in the South, 1944-1969' (1974)
Doctoral advisor "William Leuchtenburg
Academic work
Era 20th century
Institutions "Rutgers University
"Professor Emeritus of History
Main interests U.S. since 1945
"Civil Rights Movement
African-American Politics
Political And Legal History
Notable works
  • Black Ballots (1976)
  • In Pursuit of Power (1985)
  • Running for Freedom (1991)
  • Debating the Civil Rights Movement (1998)

Steven Fred Lawson (born June 14, 1945) is a noted historian of the "Civil Rights Movement in the United States.[1] Born in the "Bronx, "New York, he is the son of Ceil Parker Lawson, a housewife, and Murray Lawson, a retail hardware clerk.["citation needed] He had a sister, Lona Lawson Mirchin, who died in 2004.["citation needed] After teaching at various colleges and universities for forty years, he is now retired, works as an independent scholar, and shares a home in New Jersey with his wife Nancy A. Hewitt and their miniature poodle, Scooter (named after 1950s "New York Yankees star and broadcaster "Phil Rizzuto).["citation needed]


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  1. ^ Danielle McGuire, ed. (2011). Freedom Rights: New Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement. University Press of Kentucky. "ISBN "9780813134499. 

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