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Stewart Shapiro
Born 1951
Alma mater "Case Western Reserve University
"University at Buffalo
Era "Contemporary philosophy
Region "Western philosophy
"School "Analytic philosophy
Main interests
"Philosophy of mathematics
Notable ideas
"Mathematical structuralism

Stewart Shapiro (born 1951) is O'Donnell "Professor of "Philosophy at the "Ohio State University. He is a leading figure in the "philosophy of mathematics where he defends a version of "structuralism.



Shapiro studied "Mathematics and "Philosophy at "Case Western Reserve University in 1973. Then, he got his "M.A. in Mathematics at the "State University of New York at Buffalo in 1975. He transferred to the University at Buffalo Philosophy Department, where three years later he received a Ph.D. His doctoral supervisor was "John Corcoran.




Contributors: S. Shapiro, "J. Myhill, N. D. Goodman, A. Scedrov, V. Lifschitz, R. Flagg, R. Smullyan.


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