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Довжанськ (in Ukrainian)
""Street Engels (Sverdlovsk).JPG
""Flag of Dovzhansk
""Coat of arms of Dovzhansk
Coat of arms
""Dovzhansk is located in Lugansk Oblast
Location of Dovzhansk
""Dovzhansk is located in Ukraine
Dovzhansk (Ukraine)
Coordinates: 48°04′40″N 39°38′50″E / 48.07778°N 39.64722°E / 48.07778; 39.64722"Coordinates: 48°04′40″N 39°38′50″E / 48.07778°N 39.64722°E / 48.07778; 39.64722
"Country  "Ukraine
"Oblast "Luhansk Oblast
Founded 1938
City Status 1938
 • "Mayor Oleksandr Shmalts
 • Total 83 km2 (32 sq mi)
Elevation 268 m (879 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total 105,276
 • Density 1,300/km2 (3,300/sq mi)
"Postal code 94800—94819
"Area code(s) (+380) 6434
"Vehicle registration BB / 13
"Climate "Dfb
Website http://svk.gov.ua

Sverdlovsk ("Ukrainian: Свердловськ, "translit. Sverdlovs’k; "Russian: Свердловск) is a "city in "Luhansk Oblast ("region) of south-eastern "Ukraine on the border with the "Russian Federation. Serving as the "administrative center of "Sverdlovsk Raion ("district), the city itself is incorporated as a "city of oblast significance, does not belong to the raion, and is located approximately 80 km from the oblast capital, "Luhansk. On 12 May 2016 it was renamed Dovzhansk ("Ukrainian: Довжанськ, translit. Dovzhansʹk) by the Ukrainian government as part of "decommunization.[1] The city is controlled by the self-declared "Luhansk People's Republic and the name change has not been enforced. Its population is estimated about 64,225 (2016 est.)[2].

Most of the city residents work in the "mining industry. The city municipality also includes the city of "Chervonopartyzansk, six towns and several smaller settlements.

The city serves as an international gateway between Ukraine and Russia and has border checkpoint in Chervonopartyzansk.



The city tracks its roots from a small village in the headstream of Dovzhyk River (Sharapka). At the end of the 18th century, it was granted by "Catherine II of Russia to "ataman Vasyl Orlov as a reward for his excellent military service. The farmland took on the name Dovzhykove-Orlovske (Sharapkyne). Development of the area significantly expanded towards the end of the 19th century, after the discovery of "coal in the "Donetsk region.

In 1938 a number of local settlements as well as the Sverdlov mine (today is part of the Sverdlovantratsyt company) were merged into the "city of Sverdlovsk in memory of the "Bolshevik leader "Yakov Sverdlov.

Starting mid-April 2014 "pro-Russian separatists "captured several towns in Luhansk Oblast;[3][4] including Sverdlovsk.[5][6]


As of the "2001 census, the city's ethnic composition was as follows:[7]



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