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"Chess has been a popular board game for centuries

Tabletop games are "games that are normally played on a "table or other flat surface, such as "board games, "card games, "dice games, "miniatures wargames or "tile-based games.[1][2]


Classification according to equipment used[edit]

Tabletop games can be classified according to the general form, or equipment utilized:[3]

Game category Game examples
"Adventure games "Adventure board games, "Adventure gamebooks
"Board games "Backgammon, "Can't Stop, "Chess, "German-style board games, "Go, "Reversi
"Card games "Card Solitaire, "Collectible card games, "Hanafuda, "Tarot card games
"Dice games "Bunco, "Craps, "Farkle, "Generala, "Poker dice, "Sic bo, "Yahtzee, "Zombie Dice
"Paper and pencil games "Battleships, "Connect 5, "Dots and Boxes, "Hangman, "Sprouts, "Sudoku
"Role-playing games "Call of Cthulhu, "Dungeons & Dragons, "Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
"Strategy games "Board wargames, "Government simulation games, "Miniature wargames
"Tile-based games "15 puzzle, "Anagrams, "Dominoes, "Mahjong, "Mahjong solitaire, "Tangrams

Games like "chess and "draughts are examples of games belonging to the board game category. Other games, however, use various attributes and cannot be classified unambiguously (e.g. "Monopoly utilises a board as well as dice and cards).

For several of these categories there are sub-categories and even sub-sub-categories or "genres. For instance, "German-style board games, "board wargames, and "Roll-and-move games are all types of board games that differ markedly in style and general interest.

Classification according to elements of chance[edit]

As an alternative to classifying games by equipment, they can also be classified according to the elements of chance involved. In "game theory, two fundamentally different elements of chance can play a role:

Examples of the chance classification for some well-known tabletop games are given in the table below.

"Full/perfect information "Partial/imperfect information


List of organizations that sponsor events featuring tabletop games:

Numerous independent, local groups run by gamers exist to play tabletop games. Additionally, many colleges have student run organizations pertaining solely to table top gaming. The "Collegiate Association of Table Top Gamers is one such organization that has a few chapters at different schools.

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