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""Telecom nancy.png
Type "Public "Grandes écoles
Established 1990
"Chairperson Pascal QUÉRU
Director Olivier FESTOR
Academic staff
33, and more than 60 outside speakers (October 2009)
Students 250 (january 2011)
Location "Nancy, "France
48°40′09″N 6°09′16″E / 48.6691605°N 6.1544757°E / 48.6691605; 6.1544757"Coordinates: 48°40′09″N 6°09′16″E / 48.6691605°N 6.1544757°E / 48.6691605; 6.1544757
Campus Campus Aiguillettes ("Villers-lès-Nancy)
Mascot Pink Rabbit
Website www.telecomnancy.eu

The School of Engineering in Information Technology TELECOM Nancy (formerly Ecole Superieure D'informatique Et Applications De Lorraine or ESIAL) is a public school of engineering created in 1990 within the Université de Lorraine ("Université Henri Poincaré). TELECOM Nancy is a school associated to the Institut Mines-Télécom. It is the only school of generalised engineering studies in IT and digital sciences and technologies accredited by the Commission des Titres de l’Ingénieur (CTI - Engineer Qualification Committee) in the Greater East of France.

It was created in 1990 and is based in "Nancy, "France.

The standard curriculum is a three-year program (after two-years preparation) resulting in the French "Diplôme d'Ingénieur, is equivalent to a "Master's degree of the "European Higher Education Area.


Educational Programmes[edit]

TELECOM Nancy is aimed at producing engineers well-versed in the principles of computing science and automation, expert at integrating computing hardware and software into their products : information systems engineering, networking engineering, software engineering, telecommunications engineering, systems engineering. Studies are organized into four possible themes and students (at the end of the first common year) have to choose a field they want to learn more :

At the end of each year, TELECOM Nancy students have to do an internship in order to practise their knowledge and be part of the Working world:

Also, the third year can happen in another school, or university. You can use a few networks the school is connected to:


Most of TELECOM Nancy teachers are researchers, mainly in these three laboratories:

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