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""Telegram (album by Björk) cover.jpg
"Remix album by "Björk
Released 25 November 1996
Length 47:13
"Label "One Little Indian
"Björk chronology
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
"AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]
"The A.V. Club mixed[3]
"Pitchfork 7.9/10[4]
"The Rolling Stone Album Guide 4/5 stars[5]
"Rolling Stone 3/5 stars[2]
"Select 1/5 stars[6]
"Spin 3/5 stars[7]

Telegram is the first full-length and second overall "remix album by Icelandic musician "Björk. The album is a collection of remixes of several tracks from her album "Post, which had all previously appeared as B-sides of the UK versions of the singles off Post, except the "Enjoy" remix which was previously unreleased. The cover was shot by Japanese photographer "Nobuyoshi Araki. All of the songs on Post were remixed, excluding "The Modern Things" and ""It's Oh So Quiet". The collection also included one new song entitled "My Spine" which was originally slated to appear on Post but was pushed out by "Enjoy", becoming the B-side to the UK "It's Oh So Quiet" single instead. The album has sold 228,000 copies in US according to "SoundScan.



For me Telegram is really Post as well but all the elements of the songs are just exaggerated. It's like the core of Post. That's why it's funny to call it a remix album, it's like the opposite. Telegram is more stark, naked. Not trying to make it pretty or peaceable for the ear. Just a record I would buy myself. Like a letter to myself. Sort of... "fuck what people think". It's a truth thing.

— Björk in an interview with Blah Blah Blah in 1996.[8]

The track listing was originally going to contain "Talvin Singh's "Calcutta Cyber Cafe" mix of "Possibly Maybe" and "Plaid's remix of "Big Time Sensuality".[9] The Japanese version also includes the original version of ""I Miss You".

The original UK LP pressing contains an alternate third track, the "Further Over the Edge Mix" of "Hyperballad" as opposed to the more commonly heard "Further Over the Edge Mix" of "Enjoy". The remixes are nearly identical with the major difference being the chopped up vocals come from "Hyperballad" for the "Hyperballad" version and from "Enjoy" on the "Enjoy" version. To date the "Hyperballad (Further Over the Edge Mix)" is exclusive to the original UK vinyl pressing while the original CD pressing and all subsequent CD and vinyl pressings contain the more common "Enjoy" version.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. ""Possibly Maybe" (Lucy Mix) Björk 3:02
2. ""Hyperballad" ("Brodsky Quartet Version) Björk 4:20
3. "Enjoy" (Further Over the Edge Mix)
4. "My Spine"
5. ""I Miss You" (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix)
6. ""Isobel" ("Deodato Mix) 6:09
7. "You've Been Flirting Again" (Flirt Is a Promise Mix) Björk 3:20
8. "Cover Me" ("Dillinja Mix) Björk 6:21
9. ""Army of Me" ("Masseymix)
  • Björk
  • Graham Massey
10. "Headphones" (Ø Remix)
  • Björk
  • Tricky



Chart (1997) Peak
"UK Albums Chart 59
US "Billboard 200 66

Release history[edit]

Region Date
United Kingdom 25 November 1996
United States 14 January 1997


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