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The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt is part of a new genre of books focussed on "Egyptian "hieroglyphs. The book is a "primer on hieroglyphs from the viewpoint of "topical use within "history, with example photographs or illustrations. The later chapters discuss the hieroglyphs and the history of their translation.

The book is authored by "Aidan Dodson, Egyptologist; he also teaches in Egyptology at "Bristol University.

Subject division of the book[edit]

The book is divided into six sections, following the Introduction:

Focussed sections[edit]

Other sections or topics under the main chapters: (36 of 51 listed)

The book is fully illustrated[1] with topical photos, as well as some thumbnail photos for "timelines. Some photos cover, "ostracons, "block statues, "steles, papyri, "obelisks, statuary, "sarcophagi, etc. There are also graphics and illustrations.


  1. ^ Dodson, 2001. The Hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt. 144 pp, 198 photos.

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