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The Modern Dance
"Studio album by "Pere Ubu
Released January 1978
Recorded October 1976; January 1977; November 1977
Studio Cleveland Recording and Suma Studios, "Cleveland, "Ohio, United States
"Genre "Art punk[1]
Length 36:20
"Label Blank
  • Pere Ubu
  • Ken Hamann
"Pere Ubu chronology
The Modern Dance
"Dub Housing
(1978)"Dub Housing1978

The Modern Dance is the debut studio album by American "rock band "Pere Ubu. It was released in January 1978 by record label Blank.

A 5.1 surround sound version was released as the DVD-Audio side of a DualDisc in 2005.


Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
"AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[1]
"Christgau's Record Guide A−[2]
"Encyclopedia of Popular Music 5/5 stars[3]
"The Great Rock Discography 9/10[4]
"Q 4/5 stars[5]
"The Rolling Stone Album Guide 4/5 stars[6]
"Spin Alternative Record Guide 10/10[7]

The Modern Dance has been critically acclaimed. In a contemporary review for "The Village Voice, "Robert Christgau wrote that "even though there's too much "Radio Ethiopia and not enough '"Redondo Beach,' he would be "listening through the failed stuff—the highs are worth it."[8] Christgau later raised his initial B+ rating a notch and re-affirmed that "the highs are worth it, and the failed stuff ain't bad" in his revised review.[2] At the same time, "Ken Tucker, writing in "Rolling Stone, called it vivid and exhilarating, even if "harsh and willfully ugly".[9]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Pere Ubu ("David Thomas, Tom Herman, "Allen Ravenstine, "Tony Maimone and "Scott Krauss), except as noted.

Side one
  1. "Non-Alignment Pact" – 3:18
  2. "The Modern Dance" – 3:28
  3. "Laughing" – 4:35
  4. "Street Waves" – 3:04
  5. "Chinese Radiation" – 3:27
Side two
  1. "Life Stinks" ("Peter Laughner) – 1:52
  2. "Real World" – 3:59
  3. "Over My Head" – 3:48
  4. "Sentimental Journey" – 6:05
  5. "Humor Me" – 2:44


Pere Ubu

Release history[edit]

Year of Release Place of Release Format Label
1978 United States Vinyl LP "Blank
1981 United Kingdom Vinyl LP "Rough Trade
1988 United Kingdom Vinyl LP "Fontana
1988 "Germany CD Fontana
1998 United Kingdom CD "Cooking Vinyl
1998 United States CD "DGC
1999 "Italy Vinyl LP Get Back
2005 Europe DualDisc Silverline
2007 United States Vinyl LP Blank
2008 United Kingdom CD Cooking Vinyl
2015 United Kingdom & United States CD and Vinyl LP "Fire Records (UK)


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