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The Plum Blossoms
""The Plum Blossoms.jpg
Artist "Henri Matisse
Year 1948
Medium "Oil on canvas
Dimensions 115.9 cm × 88.9 cm (45.6 in × 35 in)
Location "Museum of Modern Art, "New York City

The Plum Blossoms is a 1948 painting by "Henri Matisse.


Museum of Modern Art[edit]

On September 8, 2005, it was purchased for New York's "Museum of Modern Art by "Henry Kravis and the new president of the museum, "Marie-Josée Drouin.

Private collection[edit]

Previously, it had not been seen by the public since 1970.

Late-period Matisse[edit]

The Plum Blossoms is an example of one of the final group of oil paintings in Matisse's career.

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