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Thomas J. Jech ("Czech: Tomáš Jech, pronounced "[ˈtɔmaːʃ ˈjɛx]; born January 29, 1944 in "Prague) is a "mathematician specializing in "set theory who was at "Penn State for more than 25 years.



He was educated at "Charles University (his advior was "Petr Vopěnka) and is now at the Institute of Mathematics of the "Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


Jech's research also includes "mathematical logic, "algebra, "analysis, "topology and "measure theory.

Jech gave the first published proof of the consistency of the existence of a "Suslin line. With Karel Prikry, he introduced the notion of precipitous ideal. He gave several models where "AC failed, for example one with ω1 "measurable. The concept of a "Jech–Kunen tree is named after him and "Kenneth Kunen.



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