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A Tier 2 network is an "Internet service provider which engages in the practice of "peering with other networks, but which also purchases "IP transit to reach some portion of the "Internet.

Tier 2 providers are the most common Internet service providers as it is much easier to purchase "transit from a "Tier 1 network than it is to peer with them and attempt becoming a Tier 1 carrier.

The term Tier 3 is sometimes also used to describe networks who solely purchase IP transit from other networks to reach the Internet.

List of large or important Tier 2 networks[edit]

Name "AS Number September 2016 "degree[1][2] Reason
"Hurricane Electric 6939 4809 Buys IPv4-only transit from "Telia Carrier/AS1299.[3]
"Cogent Communications (formerly "PSINet) 174 4641 IPv6: Cogent does not provide IPv6 routing/connectivity to "Google/AS15169 or "Hurricane Electric/AS6939.[4][5]
"Interoute 8928 552 Buys transit from "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "NTT America/AS2914, "GTT/AS3257, "Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)/AS4436.
"Korea Telecom 4766 492 Buys transit from "Cogent/AS174, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "Tata Communications/AS6453, "Hurricane Electric/AS6939, "Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)/AS4436, "Sprint/AS1239.
"China Telecom 4134/4809 151 Buys transit from "Verizon/AS701.
"KDDI 2516 310 Buys transit from "Level3/AS3356, "Tata Communications/AS6453, "Verizon/AS701, "Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)/AS3257, "CenturyLink/AS209.
"Internet Initiative Japan 2497 307 Buys transit from "NTT America/AS2914, "Verizon/AS701.
"SK Telecom 9318 484 Buys transit from "Tata Communications/AS6453, "Verizon/AS701, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "NTT America/AS2914, China Telecom/AS4134&AS4809.
"Vodafone (formerly "Cable and Wireless) 1273 296 Buys transit from "Level 3 Communications/AS3356, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "Verizon Enterprise Solutions (formerly "UUNET)/AS701, "Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)/AS3257.
"Vodafone (formerly "ARCOR AG Germany) 3209 166 Buys transit from "Level3/AS3356, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "Verizon Enterprise Solutions (formerly "UUNET)/AS701, "nLayer Communications/AS4436, "Pacnet/AS10026.[6]
Telkom Indonesia International 7713 258 Buys transit from "Level3/AS3356, "Cogent/AS174, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "NTT America/AS2914, "Telecom Italia Sparkle/AS6762, "Tata Communications/AS6453.
TDC 3292 221 Buys transit from "Sprint/AS1239, "NTT America/AS2914.
"Virgin Media 5089 192 Buys transit from "GTT/AS3257, "Liberty Global/AS6830.
"Comcast 7922 160 Buys transit from "Tata Communications/AS6453, "NTT America/AS2914.
PT Mora Telematika Indonesia 23947 158 Buys transit from "NTT America/AS2914, "GTT/AS3257, "Tata Communications/AS6453.
"British Telecom 5400 155 Buys transit from "Telia Carrier/AS1299 and "NTT America/AS2914, "Global Telecom & Technology (GTT)/AS4436.
Easynet 4589 108 Buys transit including "NTT America/AS2914, "GTT/AS3257.
"Tele2 (formerly SWIPNet) 1257 107 Buys transit from "Sprint/AS1239, "Cogent/AS174.
Fibrenoire 22652 79 Buys transit from "Level3/AS3356, "Tata Communications/AS6453, "GTT/AS3257.
Spirit Communications 2711 70 Buys transit from "Level3/AS3356, "Cogent/AS174, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "NTT America/AS2914, "GTT/AS3257, "Hurricane Electric/AS6939.
FiberRing 38930 59 Buys transit from "NTT America/AS2914, "Telia Carrier/AS1299, "Tata Communications/AS6453, "Cogent/AS174.
"Internap 14744 43 Buys transit from "Cogent/AS174, "NTT America/AS2914, "XO Communications/AS2828, "AboveNet/AS6461, "CenturyLink/AS209, "AT&T/AS7018.
"KCOM Group 12390 37 Buys transit from "KPN/AS286, "Level 3/AS3356, "Cogent/AS174, "NTT America/AS2914.
"Stealth Communications 8002 28 Buys transit from "Tata Communications/AS6453, "Cogent/AS174.
RETN 9002 620 Buys transit from "Level 3/AS3356, "NTT America/AS2914.

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