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Ukrainian Airmobile Forces
Високомобільні десантні війська України
""Emblem of Airmobile troops of Ukraine.svg
Ukrainian Airmobile Forces emblem
Active 1992–present
Country  "Ukraine
Type "Airborne Forces
Role "Light Infantry
"Airmobile infantry
Part of "Emblem of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.svg "Armed Forces
Headquarters "Zhytomyr
Motto(s) "Ніхто крім нас!"
("Nobody, but us!")
Anniversaries Airmobile Forces Day
(2 August)[1]
Engagements "Kosovo Force (KFOR)
"Iraq War
"2014 Crimean Crisis
"War in Donbass[2]
"Major general Mykhailo Zabrodskyi
Flag ""Flag of Airmobile troops of Ukraine.svg
Shoulder sleeve insignia ""НЗ ВДВ.svg
Beret insignia ""БЕ ВДВ (2016).png

The Ukrainian Airmobile Forces or VDV (from "Vysokomobil'ni desantni viyska Ukrayiny", "Ukrainian: Високомобільні десантні війська України, ВДВ; High-mobile Airborne Forces of Ukraine) is the "military branch of the "Armed Forces of Ukraine. The airmobile forces consist of formations, units and elements of the Army and the "Army aviation, trained for combined activities behind the enemy lines. The airmobile forces are in constant combat readiness and are the high mobility branch of forces.

In the 15 years after their creation Ukrainian paratroopers have served in peacekeeping missions to the "Balkans, in "Iraq, "Kuwait, "Lebanon, "Sierra Leone, "Liberia, "Ethiopia, "Georgia and "DR Congo.[3]




In 2001 the Airmobile Force consisted of:[4]

Unit Base # Location Status
Headquarters "1st Airmobile Division А0220 "Bolhrad inactive since 2003
"25th Airborne Brigade А1126 "Hvardiyske (Dnipropetrovsk Region)
45th Airmobile Brigade А1533 "Bolhrad
27th Mechanized Brigade А0664 "Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
91st Artillery Regiment А0242 Veseliy Kut
"95th Airmobile Brigade А0281 "Zhytomyr
"79th Airmobile Regiment А0224 "Mykolaiv
"80th Airmobile Regiment А0284 "Lviv
"1st Airmobile Division
Separate Brigade
Separate Regiments



"Armed Forces of Ukraine
""Emblem of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.svg
Main branches
""Emblem of the Ukrainian Ground Forces.svg "Ground Forces
""Emblem of the Ukrainian Air Force.svg "Air Force
""Emblem of the Ukrainian Navy.svg "Navy
""Emblem of Airmobile troops of Ukraine.svg Airmobile Forces
""Special Operations Forces of Ukraine.svg Special Operations Forces
Other Corps
""Емблема морської піхоти (2007).png "Naval Infantry
Related Services
""Emblem of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.svg "Ministry of Defence
""General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.svg "General Staff
""Геральдичний знак - емблема МВС України.svg "Ministry of Internal Affairs
""NSAU Logo1.svg "National Space Agency
""Security Service of Ukraine Emblem.svg "Security Service
""Емблема СЗРУ.png "Foreign Intelligence Service
""Emblem of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.svg "Military Intelligence Service
History of the Ukrainian Military
"History of Ukraine
"History of Ukraine during WWII
"History of Ukraine during WWI


The commander of the Airmobile Forces since 2 August 2015 is "Major general Mykhailo Zabrodskyi.[10]

Name Rank Period of command
"Vitaly Raevsky "Major general 1992–1998
Ivan Yakubets "Colonel 1998–2005
Serhiy Lysovyi "Colonel 2005–present
Oleksandr Shvets "Colonel 2012–2015
Mykhailo Zabrodskyi "Major general March 2015 – present


AT-105 Saxon
T-80BV of 25th Airborne Brigade
A Ukrainian soldier prepares to engage the opposition forces during an air assault at Exercise Rapid Trident 16 July 3, 2016.

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