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The Under-19 World Lacrosse Championships (U-19) are held separately for men and women every four years to award world championships for the under-19 age group in "men's lacrosse and "women's lacrosse. The tournaments are sanctioned by the "Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL).

These championships were first held for men in 1988 and for women in 1995. They have only been held in the same year twice and both times in the same country; 1999 in Australia and 2003 in the United States. The United States has won every men's U-19 tournament and all but two women's U-19 tourneys.

The 2008 men's championship was held in July 2008 in "Coquitlam, "British Columbia, Canada and was won by the United States. The 2012 men's tournament was held in "Turku, "Finland, with the United States winning the title, defeating Canada 10-8, despite a pair of pool-play losses to Canada and the "Iroquois Nationals. The Iroquois Nationals finished third after an 18–1 win over England. The 2016 championship for men was held July 7–16, 2016, again in Coquitlam, British Columbia, just outside "Vancouver. The U.S. won its eighth title, coming back from being down 6-0 to eventually defeat Canada 13-12.[1]

The most recent championship for women was held in "Edinburgh, "Scotland in 2015. Canada won its first gold medal, defeating the United States 9-8 in the final.[2]


Men's U-19 World Championship[edit]

Year Champion Runner-Up Host
1988 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Adelaide, Australia
1992 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Long Island, United States
1996 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Tokyo, Japan
1999 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Adelaide, Australia
2003 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Baltimore, United States
"2008 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Coquitlam, Canada
2012 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Turku, Finland
2016 "United States United States "Canada Canada "Coquitlam, Canada
2020 "Limerick, Ireland

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Women's U-19 World Championship[edit]

Year Champion Runner-Up Host
1995 "Australia Australia "United States United States "Haverford, United States
1999 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Perth, Australia
2003 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Baltimore, United States
2007 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Peterborough, Canada
"2011 "United States United States "Australia Australia "Hanover, Germany
"2015 "Canada Canada "United States United States "Edinburgh, Scotland
2019 "Peterborough, Canada

Source: [4]

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