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UN "Security Council
"Resolution 403
Location of Botswana
Date 14 January 1977
Meeting no. 1,985
Code S/RES/403 (Document)
Subject Botswana-Southern Rhodesia
Voting summary
13 voted for
None voted against
2 abstained
Result Adopted
"Security Council composition
Permanent members
Non-permanent members

"United Nations "Security Council Resolution 403, adopted on January 14, 1977, after hearing representations from the Minister of External Affairs of "Botswana, condemned attacks by the ""illegal minority regime" in "Southern Rhodesia. The resolution recalled previous resolutions on the topic, including the right to "self-determination of the people of Southern Rhodesia.

The Council reaffirmed the legal responsibility of the "Government of the United Kingdom over Southern Rhodesia, and demanded the latter cease all hostile acts. The resolution, noting the economic hardship caused by the attacks, requested all relevant agencies of the United Nations and other member states to assist in various projects in Botswana.

The resolution was adopted with 13 votes; the "United Kingdom and "United States abstained from voting.

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