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The "United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs deals with oversight of "United States "veterans issues.


Members, 115th Congress[edit]

Majority Minority

Source [2]

According to committee members' official online biographies, three of the fourteen members are veterans: "Richard Blumenthal, "Dan Sullivan and "Johnny Isakson.

Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, 1971–present[edit]

Name Party State Years
"Vance Hartke "Democratic "Indiana 1971–1977
"Alan Cranston "Democratic "California 1977–1981
"Alan K. Simpson "Republican "Wyoming 1981–1985
"Frank Murkowski "Republican "Alaska 1985–1987
"Alan Cranston "Democratic "California 1987–1993
"Jay Rockefeller "Democratic "West Virginia 1993–1995
"Alan K. Simpson "Republican "Wyoming 1995–1997
"Arlen Specter "Republican "Pennsylvania 1997–2001
"Jay Rockefeller "Democratic "West Virginia 2001–2003
"Arlen Specter "Republican "Pennsylvania 2003–2005
"Larry Craig "Republican "Idaho 2005–2007
"Daniel Akaka "Democratic "Hawaii 2007–2011
"Patty Murray "Democratic "Washington 2011–2013
"Bernie Sanders "Independent "Vermont 2013–2015
"Johnny Isakson "Republican "Georgia 2015-present

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  1. ^ Bernie Sanders is an Independent, but caucuses with Democrats on the committee.
  2. ^ "U.S. Senate: Committee on Veterans' Affairs". www.senate.gov. Retrieved 2017-01-08. 

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