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Judd Hall as visible from the adjacent "Charles M. Harper Center.

Notable teachers[edit]

Lab teachers are recognized as leaders in their field. Here are a few of the notable recognitions and teachers who have worked at Lab:

• Eight Lab teachers have received Chicago’s prestigious "Golden Apple Award—more than from any other school in the city. (2009 Christina Hayward; 2007 David Derbes; 2004 Rosa McCullagh; 1994 Michael (Spike) Wilson; 1992 Jan Yourist; 1989 Catharine Bell; 1987 Hanna Goldschmidt; 1986 Randy Fowler.) Others have received the "Kohl McCormick Early Childhood Teaching Award.

• A "MacArthur “genius” award and the Erikson Institute Award for Service to Children are among the achievements of author/teacher "Vivian Paley, who spent most of her career at Lab. (Lessons from her acclaimed book You Can’t Say You Can’t Play shape Lab’s approach.)

• Created and funded in honor of Zena Sutherland (a former U. of C. faculty member and still considered among the world’s most influential scholars of young people’s literature), the annual Sutherland Award for Excellence in Children’s Literature is one of the only student-selected book awards in the United States.

• Lab teachers contributed to the "University of Chicago School Mathematics Project, the largest university-based mathematics curriculum project in the country. Their results included the nationally acclaimed "Everyday Mathematics texts for elementary school students and Transition Mathematics, a middle school pre-algebra text.

• "Blue Balliett, author of Chasing Vermeer, "The Wright Three, and "The Calder Game, based her children’s mysteries on her experiences teaching students at Lab.

• Lab classrooms are routinely visited by teachers and administrators from around the world who wish to experience first-hand the way Lab teachers integrate "Dewey’s philosophy into their classroom experience.


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