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Verlag Inspiration Un Limited
Founded 2007 (2007)
Founder Konrad Badenheuer
Country of origin "United Kingdom, "Germany
Headquarters location "London, "Berlin
Key people Konrad Badenheuer, Director
Publication types "Books,
Nonfiction topics history, political science, linguistics
Official website www.viul.de

Verlag Inspiration Un Limited is a British-German "book publishing company, founded in 2007 by Konrad Badenheuer. Its legal seat is London, with a branch in Berlin[1] where all operating activities are concentrated. It produces non-fictional books only, most of them of academic or scientific character. Most of its publications cover political and historical subjects, many of them with reference to "Central and Eastern Europe.

Verlag Inspiration Un Limited publishes such authors as "Alfred de Zayas, "Imbi Paju, "Hubertus Hoffmann, "Wolfram Euler, and "Martin vom Brocke, among others. Books by Verlag Inspiration Un Limited have been published in German and English.[2]

In May 2011 the "German federal state of "Hesse purchased 1000 copies of the first book published by Verlag Inspiration Un Limited, 50 Thesen zur Vertreibung (50 Theses on the "Expulsion) by Alfred de Zayas (2008). This tax-funded acquisition happened for the purpose of free distribution of the books among institutions of political education in the state of Hesse which followed in July.[3] This decision has been criticized by the state's left wing political opposition which asked the "CDU-led government for information in the "state parliament (Landtag) of Hesse on September 16, 2011.[4] A spokesman of the far-left "Linkspartei called the measure "a nationwide unique scandal".[5]

Books by Verlag Inspiration Un Ltd. (selection of titles with broader media coverage)[edit]


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