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Vespertine World Tour
Tour by "Björk
""Björk Vespertine Tour Poster.png
Poster for the concerts at the "Radio City Music Hall
Associated album "Vespertine
Start date August 18, 2001 (2001-08-18)
End date December 21, 2001 (2001-12-21)
No. of shows 23 in Europe
8 in North America
3 in Asia
34 Total
"Björk concert chronology

The Vespertine World Tour was a tour by the singer "Björk that focused on her album "Vespertine. She also performed songs from Debut, Post, Homogenic and "Selmasongs. She performed 35 shows on this tour and 31 different songs. The tour band consisted of harpist "Zeena Parkins, electronic duo "Matmos, a Greenlandic choir and a 70-piece orchestra (local to each venue). The tour was released on DVD as "Live at Royal Opera House and the concert held at the Orchard Hall in Tokyo, Japan was broadcast on Japanese TV-station "WOWOW. A separate release, "Vespertine Live, contains a selection of Björk's favourite performances from throughout the Vespertine tour, while a tour documentary, "Minuscule, was also released.


Opening acts[edit]

Songs Performed[edit]

Song Album
"Frosti" "Vespertine
"Overture" "Selmasongs
""All Is Full of Love" "Homogenic
"Aurora" "Vespertine
"Undo" "Vespertine
""Unravel" (Live tour debut) "Homogenic
""I've Seen It All" (Live tour debut) "Selmasongs
"An Echo, A Stain" "Vespertine
"Generous Palmstroke" "Vespertine (b-side)
""Hidden Place" "Vespertine
""Cocoon" "Vespertine
"Unison" "Vespertine
"Harm of Will" "Vespertine
"It's Not Up to You" "Vespertine
""Pagan Poetry" "Vespertine
""Possibly Maybe" "Post
""Isobel" "Post
""Hyperballad" "Post
""Human Behaviour" "Debut
""Jóga" "Homogenic
""It's In Our Hands" (Unreleased at the time) "Greatest Hits
"You've Been Flirting Again" "Post
""Army of Me" "Post
""Bachelorette" "Homogenic
""Play Dead" "Debut (b-side)
""Venus as a Boy" "Debut
"The Anchor Song" "Debut
""Who Is It" (Unreleased at the time) "Medúlla
"Pagan Poetry" (Music Box) "Vespertine (b-side)
"Aurora" (Music Box) "Vespertine (b-side)
"Gotham Lullaby" ("Meredith Monk cover) Meredith Monk cover

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
August 18, 2001 "Paris "France "Le Grand Rex
August 20, 2001
August 23, 2001 "Sainte-Chapelle
August 25, 2001
August 29, 2001 "London "England "St John's, Smith Square
North America
September 6, 2001 "New York City "United States "Riverside Church
September 11, 2001 "Stuttgart "Germany Liederhalle Hegel-Saal
September 13, 2001 "Lausanne "Switzerland Salle Métropole
September 15, 2001
September 18, 2001 "Frankfurt Germany "Alte Oper
September 21, 2001 "Roubaix France Colisée
September 23, 2001 London England "The Coliseum
September 26, 2001 "Brussels "Belgium "Le Botanique
September 29, 2001 "Amsterdam "Netherlands "Muziektheater
North America
October 4, 2001 New York City United States "Radio City Music Hall
October 5, 2001
October 8, 2001 "Toronto "Canada "Hummingbird Centre
October 12, 2001 "Boston United States "Wang Center
October 14, 2001 "Chicago "Civic Opera House
October 17, 2001 "Oakland "Paramount Theatre
October 22, 2001 "Los Angeles "Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
November 1, 2001 Paris France "Théâtre des Champs-Élysées
November 4, 2001 "Barcelona "Spain "Liceu
November 8, 2001 "Parma "Italy "Teatro Regio
November 10, 2001 "Rome "Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
November 13, 2001 "Cologne Germany "Cologne Opera
November 15, 2001 "Berlin "Deutsche Oper
November 18, 2001 "Lyon France Auditorium Maurice-Ravel
December 2, 2001 "Tokyo "Japan "Hitomi Kinen Kōdō
December 5, 2001 "Bunkamura Orchard Hall
December 7, 2001 "Tokyo International Forum
December 16, 2001 London England "Royal Opera House
December 19, 2001 "Reykjavík "Iceland "Laugardalshöll
December 21, 2001 Háskólabíó

Promotional performances[edit]

Date Show Set
August 18, 2001 "Top of the Pops "Hidden Place"
September 4, 2001 "Late Show with David Letterman "Pagan Poetry"
October 19, 2001 "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno "Cocoon"
January 14, 2002 NEWS23 "Pagan Poetry", "Generous Palmstroke"
February 26, 2002 Johnny Vaughan Tonight "Cocoon"
March 2, 2002 Jonathan Ross Show "Cocoon"
March 6, 2002 "Die Harald Schmidt Show "Cocoon"
March 9, 2002 "Victoires de la Musique "It's Not Up to You"
March 22, 2002 Top of the Pops "Cocoon"
May 28, 2002 Music Planet 2Nite "Unravel", "Pagan Poetry", "Cocoon", "All Is Full of Love"


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