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The West Nordic Council ("Danish: Vestnordisk Råd, "Greenlandic: Nunat Avannarliit Killiit Siunnersuisoqatigiiffiat, "Faroese: Útnorðurráðið, "Icelandic: Vestnorræna ráðið) is a cooperation forum of the parliaments and governments of "Greenland, the "Faroe Islands and "Iceland. It was initially founded in 1985 as the West Nordic Parliamentarian Council of Cooperation but the name was changed in 1997. The council comprises six "MPs from each nation appointed by their respective parliaments. The annual general meeting of the council rotates between the members and is its highest authority. The work and activities of the Council are organized by a three-member "presidium of which the president of the council is a member. The current (August 2017 to september 2018) president is "Kári P. Højgaard.

The nations of the Council share a somewhat common recent history: Greenland and the Faroes are autonomous territories of "Denmark and Iceland is a former Danish possession. They also share a similar economic base, all being dependent on "fisheries. The Council's main objectives are:

The West Nordic Council is separate from the "Nordic Council, although all of the members of the West Nordic Council are also members of the Nordic Council and there is some cooperation between the two.


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