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This page is about Wikipedia-Books. You may be looking for "Help:Books, "WikiProject Wikipedia-Books, "WikiProject Books, "Wikipedia:Notability (books), "Print Wikipedia, or "Wikibooks.

Status last updated 5 November 2017.


A Wikipedia Book is an organized collection of Wikipedia articles that can be rendered electronically in "PDF format, or ordered as a printed book. The book is compiled afresh each time it is downloaded or ordered, so will always reflect the latest versions of the articles.

Note: Currently (2017) not all information in an article will be displayed when rendered in book format - in particular, since 2014 information held in tables (including infoboxes) has not been displayed. Nor has maths markup.

For information and help on Wikipedia books in general, see "Help:Books (general tips) and "WikiProject Wikipedia-Books (questions and assistance).


Featured and good topics

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"Featured topics and "Good topics are collections of some of Wikipedia's best articles.

Each topic has a dedicated book linked in the upper-left corners of the topic boxes.

""Printed Wikipedia Books

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