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WikiProject Engineering
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The rotor of a "steam turbine
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Welcome to WikiProject Engineering, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of "Engineering. For more information on WikiProjects in general, please see "Wikipedia:WikiProject and the "Guide to WikiProjects.

Interested users are encouraged to add their name "below and help improve this project.

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  1. To improve Wikipedia's coverage of Engineering by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  2. To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles within the scope of Engineering.
  3. To serve as a point of "discussion for issues related to Engineering in general in Wikipedia.
  4. To help coordinate the work of related WikiProjects.



The project generally considers any article related to Engineering to be within its scope.

See the following to find articles within our scope:

WikiProject tagged articles can be found in "Category:WikiProject Engineering articles.

See "this page for recent changes related to pages withinin this project's scope.

Open tasks and guidelines[edit]

""Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg "Please nominate or vote for next month's selected article and/or image. Thank you!
edit·history·watch·refresh ""Stock post message.svg "To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Engineering:
Here are some "tasks awaiting attention:


Userbox for WP Engineering
"Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Engineering

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest. Members should also feel free to add {{"User WP Engineering}} to their user pages to identify themselves as members of this project. The appearance of the userbox is shown to the right. Placing the above userbox on your user page will automatically add you to "Category:WikiProject Engineering participants.

"AttackHelicopter51 ("talk) "Computer Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Aerospace Engineering Just a student
"A.Minkowiski ("talk) "Electronics Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Computer Engineering,
"themcxenon ("talk) "Aerospace Engineering, "Mechanical Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Computer Engineering,
"NotNitinChopra ("talk) "Automobile Engineering, "Mechanical Engineering Studying the subjects. Has expertise in "IC Engines.
"Ljfeliu ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering, "Nuclear Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Computer Engineering, "Aerospace Engineering, "Chemical Engineering, "Civil Engineering
"Daiyusha ("talk) "Electronic Engineering, "Computer Engineering, "Aerospace Engineering
"Trulystand700 ("talk) "Structural Engineering, "Civil Engineering Studying engineering. Has knowledge in subject.
"JustinTime55 ("talk) "Aerospace / "Mechanical Engineering "Spacecraft, "History of spaceflight, "Apollo program, "Flight dynamics
"ASHU"IND 20:02, 2 October 2011 (UTC) "Computer Engineering, "Software Engineering
"JohnQED ("talk) "Computer Engineering, "Electrical Engineering "Computer Architecture, "Embedded Systems, "Control Systems, "Power Electronics, "Software Engineering
"Apoorva96 ("talk) "Automobile Engineering,"Aerospace Engineering,"Mechanical Engineering
"Viurniel Sanchez "Electrical Engineer, Telecomunications Engineer
"Azam Ishaque "Computer Engineer "Computers, "Control Systems, "Microcontrollers
"Spacefem "Electrical Engineer
"Stewart Little "Software Engineering
"Isaac "Structural Engineer
"Luke Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineer
"S1312 Computer & Tech Engineering "Talk: S1312 / "Email: S1312
"Tbo 157"talk
"Hydrogen Iodide "(HI!) "Civil engineer
"Tomeasy "T "C "Aerospace & "mechanical engineering "Thermal barrier coatings, "(extended) "Finite element method
"Athol Mullen
"John Volc "Naval Architect Involved in ice breakers, ferries, warships, etc.
"H Padleckas "chemical engineer
"John of Paris
"Star"dust"8212 "Aerospace engineering
"Sadi Carnot I think the hottest new "degree, in the near "future, will be neurosurgical engineering, a symbiosis of "chemical-"electronics and the "brain.
"JA.Davidson "Electrical Engineering
"Jameson L. Tai "Mechanical Engineering "Robotics, Machinery Design & Mechatronics, Three-Dimensional Modeling. ("WP:ROBO, "WP:UNI)
"CheMechanical "chemical engineer
& "mechanical engineer
"siafu "Aerospace engineering
Explodicle "mechanical engineer "Mechanical Engineering, "Computer Software, "Robotics
" Buaidh  "electric power engineering "software engineering "Professional Engineer "energy technology, "utility regulation
"Tkn20 "structural engineering
"Goatchurch "Computer-aided manufacture Major contributor to the "NC Graphics machining kernel
"toastydeath "CNC, "Machining Machinist apprentice and mechanical engineering student.
"Niaz "Computer Engineering and "Wireless "Communication "Computer Engineer and research student at Distributed Systems Group, "Trinity College Dublin.
"User:Dank55 See "User:Dank55 for list of pages I patrol.
"ExplorerCY "Aerospace Engineering just a student
"Marylee23 "mechanical engineer "Mechanical Engineering, "Ultrasonic welding
Juthani1 ("talk) 04:52, 7 March 2008 (UTC) Mechanical, Biomedical Student
"MonicaMaio "Electrical Engineer "Electrical Engineering, Semiconductor Device Fabrication, "Microelectronics, "Materials Science
"Judith Soto ("talk) Industrial engineer
"Tanvir che ("talk) "Chemical engineering
"Brad Halls ("talk) "Software engineering "Software Engineering, "CAD/"CAM/"CAE/"PLM, "Computer Graphics, "Visualization, "VR, "Digital mockup
"Katanada ("talk) "Aerospace engineering
"Mdd ("talk) "Systems Engineering "Systems science, "Systems theory, "Systems engineering
"Mechatronik "Mechanical Engineering "Systems Engineering Student, "Robotics
"Firebladed ("talk) "Control Engineering, "Systems Engineering, "Robotics
"Deekayfry ("talk) "Ceramic Engineering, "Material Engineering, "Mining Engineer For each discipline, manage, process improvement, capitalization, geology proof of ore reserves, plant design and construction. "Ceramic, "Rubber, "Sand
"LizardJr8 "Naval Architect Offshore units, icebreakers, ferries, warships
"lawrencejohny Eletronics & Telecommunication Engineering Student, Embedded Systems
"declanide "Electrical & Electronic Engineering Speech Processing, CT System
"Anonymi ("talk) "Electrical Engineering "Semiconductor device fabrication, "Microelectronics
"KB1LQC ("talk) "Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering student, amateur radio operator, experimenter
("sdsds - "talk) "propulsion primary emphasis on "spacelift and "spaceflight
"Xtrememachineuk - ("talk) "Naval Architecture Currently an MEng student, interested area is ship structures.
"daviddoria - ("talk) "Electrical Engineer Communications, Image Processing and Analysis.
"Amhantar "Mechanical Engineer Automotive industry - Computer simulations in stress analysis and structure strength
"Baleywik - ("talk) "Electrical Engineer Digital Signal Processing, Communications, Wireless.
Nathannae Societies/Media relations
"Vinmax("+) Chemical Process Design & Engineering Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Biodiesel Systems, Instrumentation, Tanks, Pumps and Mixing Systems, Water purification systems
"Ted Pavlic "Control Engineer "Intelligent Control, "Nonlinear Control, "Control Systems
"lacomj "Materials Science and Engineering Transport, Materials Processing
"Inwind ("talk) "Aerospace & "mechanical engineering Aerospace, "Wind turbines
"Jettparmer - ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering "Manufacturing, "consumer goods, "automation
"Micasta ("talk) "Chemical Engineering
"franzivar ("talk) "Electrical Engineering Student
"Douglasr007 ("talk) "Civil engineering Student
"Damowe (talk) "Mechanical Engineering Railways (rolling Stock)
"Arpanetter ("talk) Engineering Economist US Govt Analyst
"Ddomme ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering, "Acoustics Student of Mechanical Engineering, Acoustics, and "Vibration
"Pete Rolph Electronic Engineer Grad Student
"Wispanow Electrical/Electronic Engineer
"pocketpencil "Manufacturing Engineering, CNC and Machining Manufacturing Engineer
"Shraktu Electronics and Communication Engineer
"Nabil rais2008 "Civil Engineering "Maga projects, and "Skyscraper projects.
"Michael.Forman "Electrical Engineering Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Antennas, RF MEMS, High-Impedance Surfaces, Communications
"Fivestar9 "Biological Engineering, Cell and tissue engineering Bioengineering
"Wizard191 ("talk) Mechanical engineering I mostly work on the "Metalworking WikiProject, but venture into some ME articles
"Jminthorne ("talk) Mechanical Engineering
"Vinay84 ("talk) Metallurgical Engineering
"Jfraser ("talk) "Electrical Engineering
"Drajput ("talk) "Materials science, "Biomedical engineering, "Laser ablation A PhD graduate student at the "University of Tennessee Space Institute.
"ISQureshi ("talk) 05:27, 26 October 2009 (UTC) "Mechatronics/ "Electronics Engineer Automation, Control, Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Electrical Safety, and Alternate Energy
"Andyminicooper ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering Offshore Systems, subsea production systems.
"Andyminicooper ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering Offshore Systems, subsea production systems.
"Lasta ("talk "Mechanical Engineering Maintenance systems for shipping and offshore,
"JMatopos "Control Engineering Student.
"HkFnsNGA "Environmental Engineering, "Civil Engineering, "Soils Engineering, "Structural Engineering, "Operations Research Student.
"Rehman("+) Energy and structural Particularly in renewable energy and constructions.
JcJavo("talk) "Civil Engineering, "Biomedical Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Structural Engineering, "Mechanical Engineering Civil Eng. Student @ "University of Texas at San Antonio College of Engineering
"Sam Lacey "Mechanical Engineering FEA stuff, CFD stuff, solids, engineering standards
"User:Jdpipe "Mechanical Engineering, "Solar thermal energy Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solar energy, simulation and modelling
"User:Macquigg "Electrical Engineering, "Computer Engineering Analog IC Design, Email system security, Python programming
"User:Gdtps0566 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Senior Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional (S-0566)
"GreyTrafalgar "Aerospace Engineering Propulsion; Fluid Dynamics; Aerodynamics; Hypersonics
"User:AlexPlante "Civil Engineering "Civil Engineering; "Infrastructure; "Municipal engineering; Construction survey
"OptoMechEngineer "Mechanical Engineering Optical instrument design, flexure design, robotic systems and instruments, weight optimized structures
"MikeLynch ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering Student
"Pete ("talk) "Electrical engineering Interested in helping bridge academia and Wikipedia in this area.
"User:Aeonx ("talk) "Mechatronics Engineering BE, B.CS, Professional Experience in Defense
"Guy Macon ("talk) "Electronics Engineering Electronics used in toys, high-volume low-cost microcontrollers, embedded systems of all kinds
"th5th ("talk) "Electrical engineering, "power engineering Student studying power electronics, electric drives etc.
"Miro "Structural Engineering Interested in improving Wikipedia and making technical articles in particular more clear, accurate, and readable.
"Rohini "Instrumentation and Control Engineering Instrumentation engineering graduate aspiring to major in renewable energy. Avid interest in green technology, alternative energy and sustainable development.
"Lumos3 "Mechanical Engineering Interested in documenting the history of mechanical engineering.
"Crystalkaloid ("talk) "mechanical engineering, "biomedical engineering Student studying Mechanical engineering and Biomedical engineering
"BluSkyy ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering "Heat Fusion, "Machine Design, "Hydraulics, "Pneumatics
"Shriram ("talk) "Electrical Engineering Student
"Sourav Mohanty ("talk) "Mechatronics Engineering Student
"OneThousandTwentyFour ("talk) "Computer engineering Student
"Lyndon Crone (talk) "Materials Engineering Third year Nano and Functional MatE student
"Etheros ("talk) "Mechanical engineering Doctoral Scholar, Interests: Fuel cells, multi-component multiphase mass transport and simulations
"Pahazzard ("talk) "Building services engineering, "Refrigeration, "HVAC Chartered Engineer: mechanical services. Interested in pretty much anything engineering, building, and construction related.
"Baxtrom ("talk) 11:22, 5 March 2012 (UTC) "Structural engineering PhD structural dynamics. Interested in structural analysis in particular.
tree41 ("talk) 11:22, 5 March 2012 (UTC) "Structural engineering MSc Structural Engineering. Graduate Bridge Engineer - specialises in the design of composite concrete and reinforced concrete bridges, and Finite Element techniques used to analyse, design and assess such bridges
"SenchaDragon ("talk) "Structural engineering, "building envelope systems Interested in remedial engineering design, causes of structural failure, building intersections and connections, and exterior envelope elements.
"User:Almithra ("talk) "Computer Engineering "Data Warehousing, "Data Modelling, "ETL
"User:Hhimanshu.mishra ("talk) "Computer Science Engineering Student Interested in Programming languages and Kernel Programming.
"User:Xenomancer ("talk) "Chemical Engineering, "Chemistry Chemical engineer and chemist
"User:Mar4d ("talk) "Civil engineering, "project engineering Interested in civil and structural projects
"KAS( "talk) "Computer science engineering "Computer science engineering student
"SchreyP ("talk) "Electrical and "Electronics engineering, "Computer science "Electronics engineer in "Control systems
"oosterwal (talk) "Computer Engineering, "Software Engineering, and Engineering History "Software engineer.
"Gunjan ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering, "Industrial Engineering, "Production Engineering Currently pursuing degree in Industrial and Production Engineering (2011-15)
"XFEM Skier ("talk) "Mechanics, "Civil Engineering, "Mechanical Engineering Current work on computational modeling of fracture and a background in civil/structural engineering
"User:Compfreak7 ("talk) "Computer Science Engineering, "Computer Engineering Student Interested in "Programming languages, "Computer Architecture, "Operating Systems, "Computer Graphics, "Virtual Reality, "Databases - "Data Warehousing & "Data Mining , "Operations Research, "Control Systems, "Systems Engineering, "Software Engineering, "Web Applications, "Web Engineering.
"Corvus coronoides "talk Aerospace engineering, Aero/Gas dynamics, related topics
"Kunalrks ("talk) "Electrical Engineering, "Electronics Engineering, Electrical Science, "Chemical Engineering, Power Station Practice, "Electrical Machines. I am an Electrical Engineering student. I am interested in doing research in "Electrical Engineering and core sciences.
"Peter Southwood ("talk) "Marine engineering, "Naval architecture, "Underwater diving
"Mishae ("talk) Biographies of various engineers
"Iridium191 ("talk) "Mechatronics Engineering, "Control Systems Graduated from Mechatronics Engineering
"Mred64 ("talk) "Materials science and engineering, especially "nanomaterials Graduate student in materials science. Would like to give some love to the articles that help distinguish materials science as a discipline.
"scribble · ink "chat\"contrib Improving existing articles. Editing. Open to collaborations.
[[User:| thecynicofsinope ]]]] ("talk) [Mechatronics Engineering, Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Robotic Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Mecha-Infromatics.]]. Student in Mechatronic and Robotic Systems Engineering. Would like to collaborate and assist with articles that relate to aforementioned areas of interest.
"JC713 ("talk) 20:02, 17 February 2015 (UTC) "Computer Engineering, "Materials engineering, "Energy engineering
"domesticenginerd ("talk) "Industrial Engineering, "Systems Engineering"Operations Research
"Hermera34("talk) "Industrial Engineering Have knowledge in this subject.
"Sanket Edits Wiki ("talk) "Computer Science Engineering
"Johnprovis("talk) "Materials Engineering, "Chemical engineering, "Civil engineering Academic, mainly working in construction materials (cement/concrete) but with broader interests across these fields
"Robertiki ("talk) "Electronics Engineering, "Electrical Engineering, "Computer Engineering, "Nuclear Engineering, "Aerospace Engineering, "Civil Engineering
"BartVanLierde("talk) "Mechanical Engineering, "Industrial engineering, "Civil engineering Civil engineer by education, working in Mechanical Engineering
"Zeromonk("talk) "Women in engineering, "History of engineering Historian of science and technology
"Niels Saavedra ("talk) "Structural Engineering, "Electronics Engineering, "Computer Science Engineering, "Biomedical engineering
"Astronyte ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering/"Aerospace engineering "Spacecraft, "Astrodynamics, History of Spaceflight, "Rocketry, "Robotics, "Automotive engineering
"JP1308 ("talk) "Mechanical Engineering, "Welding Engineering
"phoebe / ("talk to me) sources, literature engineering librarian at MIT; interested in maintenance, cleanup & sources for all eng topics
"RaptorChief ("talk) "Robotics, "Aerospace engineering,"Spacecraft, "Biomedical engineering, History of Spaceflight, "Rocketry

Article alerts[edit]

""Ambox warning purple.svg Notice: An "RFC on the future of Wikipedia portals is ongoing.

Peer reviews



"Assessment log - "Worklist

The WikiProject Engineering "assessment department focuses on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's Engineering articles.

Assessments are performed via parameters in the {{"Engineering}} project banner which is posted to an article's talk page.

An assessment parameter (FA, GA, B, Start, or Stub) causes the article to be rated and grouped


The Engineering Collaboration of the week seeks to identify particular articles that would benefit from a significant collaborative effort. Every week, a single article is selected as the focus, and the project attempts to improve it, potentially to "featured article standards.

Any articles dealing with some aspect of Engineering (except for current "featured articles and "featured article candidates) are eligible, and everyone is invited to nominate articles.

The current Engineering Collaboration of the Week is: "Engineering

Peer review[edit]

The "peer review department of WikiProject Engineering conducts peer review of articles on request. The primary objective is to encourage better articles by having contributors who may not have worked on articles to examine them and provide ideas for further improvement.

The peer review process is highly flexible and can deal with articles of any quality; however, requesting reviews on very short articles may not be productive, as there is little for readers to comment on.

All reviews are conducted by fellow editors—usually members of WikiProject Engineering. While there is a general intent to expand this process to allow for review by subject experts, the preparations for this are not yet complete.

Requested images[edit]

The Requested images department aims to provide a collection of high-quality photographs, maps and images for use in Engineering articles. The department gathers existing public domain and free-license maps as well as creating new ones from other materials where no suitable maps can be found. All project members are welcome to request additional maps that may be needed for particular articles from the department.

"Wikimedia Commons has images of the engineering field. Many of these photos would make useful additions to many of our articles here which may be lacking adequate illustrations. Please see the Commons categories at right, or try searching on Commons since many images available there are not properly categorized yet.


The Outreach department acts as the project's central point of coordination for recruiting new members and maintaining the interest of current participants.

Templates and project size[edit]

WikiProject Engineering Navigation
Main page | "Discussions | "Project templates | "Assessment | "Portal |

The following templates are used in WikiProject Engineering.

Template Result
{{"WikiProject Engineering}}

Use this "template to show an article, image, category, or template is part of this WikiProject. This should be placed at the top of talk pages, not articles.

WikiProject Engineering (Rated Project-class)
""WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Engineering, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of "engineering on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the "discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 "Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's "quality scale.

Use this to identify an Engineering-related article as a "stub.

{{"User WP Engineering}}

Use this on your user page to identify yourself as a member of this WikiProject.

"Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg This user is a member of
WikiProject Engineering

{{"User Engineer}}

Use this on your user page to show that you work in the engineering field.

""Nuvola apps kcmsystem.svg This user is an "engineer.
{{"User is PE}}

Use this on your user page to identify yourself as a licensed "Professional Engineer.

""Gnome-applications-engineering.svg This user is a licensed "Professional Engineer

{{"User:Jagra/Userboxes/User Professional Engineer}}

Use this on your user page to show that you are a professional engineer.

Clicking on the logo connects to Portal:Engineering.

"Engineering WikiProject Logo1.png This user is a
"Professional Engineer.

Main articles[edit]


"List of basic engineering topics

"Aerospace | "Agricultural | "Architectural | "Biomedical | "Chemical | "Civil | "Computer | "Computer-aided engineering | "Electrical | "Electronic | "Environmental | "Industrial & Manufacturing | "Mechanical | "Petroleum | "Software | "Systems | "More

New articles[edit]

Please feel free to list your new Engineering-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please).

Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them, are at least over 1,000 characters, don't have any dispute templates on them, and cite their sources, should be suggested for the "Did you know? box on the Wikipedia "Main Page.

If you would like to request the creation of a particular article, please post in the "requests section.


The root category for this WikiProject is "Category:Engineering. Both the root categorty and its associated subcategories should be tagged with {{Engineering category}}.

Please note that the major category, "Category:Engineering, should be reserved for articles about disciplines of engineering, respectively, while specific individual engineering companies, engineers, concepts, etc. should be listed in the appropriate subcategories.

Next, please ensure that it has the correct engineering type categories (one or more, in some cases). Here are some major categories for engineering:

The main engineering categories

We also have a category for the project itself, "Category:WikiProject Engineering.

Category tree[edit]

Issues of ongoing concern[edit]

Please report vandalism, copyright violations, addition of unsourced material and edit-warring to engineering articles here:

(One remark)

Please consider adding these articles to your watchlist, to help in reverting the ongoing vandalism which is certain to resume once semi-protection expires. Even during the period of semi-protection, some articles continue to be vandalized by recently registered accounts. Consider reporting users who chronically vandalize articles to "Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism.

If you find any other articles within the scope of this project which are being heavily vandalized (as a rough standard, over 10 vandals per day, or continual vandalism for several days such that the last 50+ edits are all vandalism and reverts, or 10+ vandalism / revert edits in 30 minutes), please report them at "Wikipedia:Requests for page protection and add them to the list above.

More articles or pages in need of attention could be found here at "Category:Unreferenced Engineering articles and "Category:Engineering articles needing attention.


Please direct assessment requests to "Wikipedia:WikiProject Engineering/Assessment#Requesting an assessment.

Please add any other requests related to the project and material within its scope below:

There doesn't appear to be an article on "rated power. According to LEO, the German equivalent is "Nennleistung", and this has a long article in the German Wikipedia: de:Nennleistung. "Joriki ("talk) 13:18, 17 February 2011 (UTC)

What about "Power rating? Would "Rated power deserve a redirect?-- "Nczempin ("talk) 10:44, 3 April 2011 (UTC)
 Done. added interwiki and redirect. -- "Nczempin ("talk) 10:55, 3 April 2011 (UTC)
Just to be clear, this is a device to produce clean steam, ie [2]. "Derek Andrews ("talk) 13:17, 27 December 2017 (UTC)


Some periodicals relevant to the general subject of engineering can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Engineering/Periodicals.

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