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WikiProject Fact and Reference Check
WikiProject Fact and Reference Check
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Hello, welcome to the Fact and Reference Check "WikiProject. The purpose of this project is to verify facts in Wikipedia by multiple independent sources. This project works to achieve the goals of the "Wikipedia:Verifiability and "Wikipedia:No original research official policies. We have some way to go before we attain this goal, but this project will help Wikipedia on its way.

Getting Started


Scope and goals


This WikiProject covers the entire content of Wikipedia.


This WikiProject works to ensure the use of "verified, reliable sources throughout Wikipedia. This is accomplished by:

Open Tasks

How can I help now?

There are a number of different "Wikipedia Backlog categories that help track the existing backlog of referencing activities. They fall into two major groups, Lacking References and Ensuring Accuracy through existing references:

Help now: Solve Citations Needed!

At the moment, there are over 334,990 articles with "Citation needed" statements. They are some of the easiest referencing issues to solve, because you are frequently looking for a targeted and singular reference. You can browse the whole list of these articles at "Category:All articles with unsourced statements.

With 334,990 statements that need "WP:Verification, sometimes it's hard to choose which article to work on. The tool Citation Hunt makes that easier by suggesting random articles, which you can sort by topical category membership.

I can help! Give me a random citation to find!

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