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The Volleyball Wikiproject is a WikiProject dedicated to making Wikipedia's knowledge of volleyball and volleyball-related information as complete as possible. We're also here to keep Wiki's databank of volleyball information clean of "WP:NPOV and "WP:NOR issues. Add {{"WikiProject Volleyball|class=|importance=}} to the article's talk page and assess it.


Project Members[edit]

Please feel free to add your name to this list of members. There is no minimum or maximum participation level, these two divisions are for you to determine where you believe you would fit best.

It would also help the project if you would indicate any areas of particular interest. This way, if there is an article that may especially interest you, you could be notified of the required assistance.

- Active Members

- Passive Members

To Do List[edit]

Easy tasks[edit]

Major Tasks[edit]

  1. Assess existing articles. For more info, please read the "Volleyball WikiProject Assessment Guidelines
  1. Work on the "Volleyball, "FIVB, "Volleyball World League, "AVP, and other volleyball related articles to make them more complete.
  2. Adding/Improving Many notable national team, beach, and international players are not yet included on Wikipedia. Many that are here are only stubs. Work on expanding all notable player articles.
  3. Create templates to make volleyball related articles interwoven and easy-to-read.
  4. Add to master list "List of volleyball players or consider dumping it and replace it with existing category.
  5. Add notable coaches to Wiki: For American volleyball notoriety, see [1]

Minor Tasks[edit]

  1. Tagging Make sure the talk pages of volleyball-related articles have the Wikiproject tag and grades on them. It's minor because there are thousands of volleyball-related articles on WP.

To change "to do list", you have to change "this page.

Project Tasks
  • "Discuss and determine guidelines
  • "Discuss and determine template colors and project representative picture
  • Any stub article (See Category for Stub-Class Volleyball articles)
  • "William G. Morgan
  • Any stub article (See Category for Stub-Class Volleyball articles)
  • Put "project template on all volleyball article talk pages, and assess article
  • None at this time


{{WPVolleyball |class= Q status* |importance= IMP Status** }}

*Where Q status is rating of Quality Class of the article:

**Where IMP Status is rating of Importance/Priority of the article:

For more information on ratings, see the "Guidelines for WikiProject Volleyball Ratings

Article alerts[edit]

Requested moves

Notability Requirements[edit]

On-going discussion on Talk Page

Please help with requirements on the talk page.




Adding this userbox to your user page will add you to the "Category:WikiProject Volleyball participants.

{{User WikiProject Volleyball}}

""Volleylogo.jpg This "user is part of WikiProject Volleyball.

Infoboxes and templates[edit]

Use the following for volleyball and beach volleyball players and coaches:

For national teams use these navboxes

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