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Word games (also called word game "puzzles) are spoken or board games often designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties.

Word games are generally engaged as a source of "entertainment, but have been found to serve an "educational purpose as well. For instance, young children can find enjoyment playing modestly "competitive games such as "Hangman, while naturally developing important language skills like spelling. Solving "crossword puzzles, which requires familiarity with a larger "vocabulary, is a pastime that mature adults have long credited with keeping their minds sharp.

There are popular "televised word games with valuable monetary "prizes for the winning "contestants. Many word games enjoy "international popularity across a multitude of "languages, while some are unique to "English-speakers.


Language-predicated educational games[edit]

A word game or word puzzle can be of several different types:

Letter arrangement games[edit]

A game of Scrabble

The goal is to form words out of given letters.

Paper and pencil games/puzzles[edit]

A crossword puzzle

Structured games[edit]

Games focusing on the "semantics of words.

Linguistic recreations[edit]

These are games based on words and letters.

Televised and Radio games[edit]


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