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Xavier Roberts
Born (1955-10-31) October 31, 1955 (age 62)
"Cleveland, Georgia
Nationality "American
Known for "Cabbage Patch Kids[1]

Xavier Roberts (born October 31, 1955 in "Cleveland, Georgia) is an American businessman and owner of the "Cabbage Patch Kids franchise.


Early life[edit]

At the age of five, Xavier Roberts' father died in a car accident, leaving his mother to raise him and his five siblings alone. Roberts then attended "White County High School and then had a short stint at "Truett McConnell Junior College where he was an award-winning art student.

Cabbage Patch Kids development[edit]

Purporting being influenced by the quilts that his mother made, Roberts claimed he began experimenting with a quilted "doll in a process known as "soft sculpture. He and a small group of friends began to travel from state to state in the southeastern United States attending various folk art exhibitions. At them, he began selling these handcrafted dolls he called "babies." He copied these dolls from Martha Nelson Thomas. Going into business as Original Appalachian Artworks, Inc., he started producing dolls in a converted medical clinic in his hometown of Cleveland ""Babyland General Hospital."

The Little People evolved by 1982 into Cabbage Patch Kids, which quickly became a major toy "fad. In 1984 alone, 20 million were bought, and by 1999, 95 million had been sold worldwide.

Eventually after being sued by Martha Nelson Thomas, Roberts settled in court for an undisclosed amount.

Furskin Bears creation[edit]

Roberts would later create a series of country-inspired toy bears called the "Furskin Bears.


Due to the commercial success of his Little People line Roberts had already become a self-made millionaire by the age of 26.

Other artwork by Roberts has been featured in galleries such as the "High Museum of Art in "Atlanta, "Georgia. His creations also became part of the State of Georgia's permanent art collection after Roberts presented three Little People to Georgia Governor "George Busbee.

Personal life[edit]

Roberts designed and built his own house with help from his family, with his brothers doing the construction while Roberts supervised. Roberts' mother and sisters were in charge of the landscaping.


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