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Yakoma are an ethnic group in the "Central African Republic (CAR) who make up 4% of the population of the country.["citation needed] 10,000 also reside in the "Democratic Republic of the Congo.[1]

They gave their name to the city of "Yakoma at the confluence of the "Welle and Mbobou rivers and provided the land for the French post at "les Abiras which served as the first capital of "Ubangi-Shari, the predecessor of the present-day CAR. The Yakoma are "Bantu but speak a distinct dialect (also known as "Yakoma) similar to "Sango.[2]

"André-Dieudonné Kolingba, president of the CAR from 1979 to 1993, was a member of this group,[3] as is the writer "Adrienne Yabouza.[4]


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