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Zhugqu (pink) within "Gannan Prefecture (yellow) within "Gansu Province (grey).

Zhugqu County ("Chinese: 舟曲县, "pinyin: Zhōuqū Xiàn; "Tibetan: འབྲུག་ཆུ་རྫོང་, "ZWPY: Zhugqu Zong) is an administrative district in "Gansu Province, the "People's Republic of China on the "Bailong River. It is one of 58 "counties of Gansu. It is part of the "Gannan Prefecture. Its postal code is 746300, and in 2010 its population was 134,000 people.[1] This county is one of the few counties in Gannan (perhaps the only one) where Tibetans do not form the majority.[2]


2010 mudslide[edit]

On 8 August 2010, "deadly mudflows caused by torrential rain struck the county and killed at least 1,471 people.[1][3] It has been said by some experts; such as Professor Fan Xiao, a Sichuan-based geologist; that the scale of the disaster was affected by "deforestation and the construction of dams for hydro-electricity in the area.[4]

According to historical records, Chengguan Town ("Chinese: 城关镇, the county seat area) has been struck by 11 "devastating" "mudflows since 1823.[4]

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