Hi, my name is Michael DeMichele. I'm the programming coder and founder of WikipediaAudio and I'd like to thank you for dropping by and reading this, and for using the site if you have already.

I released WikipediaAudio in July of 2016 because I realized that Wikipedia had become such an amazing website, and more importantly even a pinnacle of all human information. A collective consolidation of everything we know as a species, or at least the important things about each of its topics.

One of the remarkable things about the Wikipedia foundation is that its content has been made public, reusable for anyone interested in building projects with its articles and data. And the website is likely to be around as a centralized and impactful resource for generations to come. In working under the Wikipedia foundations approval with their developer program, and with the blessings of the TTSReader audio service, I encountered a lot of clean and neat ways to utilize their data. And one thing that I felt Wikipedia really needed was a fast and clean text to audio service for all of us to listen to and enjoy.

We all like to listen to media, especially when our eyes aren't focused on a screen and we're paying attention to other things. Whether we're in the car, at work, exercising or cleaning the home, being able to consume media through audio is something we all enjoy.

And I really think that the human race is growing. We're evolving into something smarter. And it's all because of the generation before us and the current generation of the here and now. We've made such amazing technology, and all information is just a keystroke away. Just about anything we want to know or learn. You know so much now. Even so much more than those born hundreds of years before you. And the children of our future will likely know even more than that. We're learning at a faster rate than ever before, and if WikipediaAudio gets to even play a tiny fraction of the role in that process it would make me glad to be a part of it all.

Thanks for using WikipediaAudio and I wecome you back here anytime.

If you would like to contact me for any reason, or would like for me to help work on your own Wikipedia projects with the developer knowledge that I've learned my email address is: wikipediaaudio at g-m-a-i-l-.com. It's nice to hear from the users of the site for whatever it is you might like to share with me. So please do.