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This Friday (23), the National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance (Anvisa) disclosed that it ordered the suspension of the clinical studies of the vacina against Covid-19 of Indian origin, called Covaxin, in Brazil. The decision was taken by the Coordination of Clinical Research at Anvisa (Copec/GGMED).


Through a note, Anvisa said that the official letters communicating the provisional suspension were sent to the Albert Einstein Institute and the sponsor of the study, the company Needs Drug Marketing.


The agency also said the suspension decision was taken by a statement from the Indian company Bharat Biotech Limited Intercional sent to Anvisa today, stating that the Need no longer have authorization to represent Bharat Biotech in Brazil.

With this, the decision, in Anvisa's assessment, makes it impossible to carry out clinical studies. According to Anvisa, there was no application of the Covaxin vaccine in Brazilian volunteers.


Source: Agency Brazil

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More than half of the target audience in Brazil received the first dose against Covid-19

Furthermore, the Institute of Technology in Immunobiologicals of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Bio-Manguinhos/Fiocruz) delivered another 3,8 million doses Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine to the National Immunization Program (PNI).

With the new shipment, the total number of doses released by the foundation reaches 74,2 million. The batch rises to 78,2 million with the 4 million doses produced by Instituto Serum, from India. The doses were imported ready-made from the Asian country, passing through Fiocruz for checking and labeling in Portuguese.

There will also be the release of 197 doses for this week's delivery directly to the Rio de Janeiro government, while the others will go to the Ministry of Cheers.

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