White Sand Beaches And Clear Blue Water

At these infinity pools in the Central region, you will have a beautiful set of virtual live photos, delighting in showing off your figure in the cool, clear blue water.

1. Pu Luong Eco Garden – an infinity pool in the Central region with a romantic view of mountains and forests

One of the most famous

infinity pools in Central Vietnam  today is the swimming pool of Pu Luong Eco Garden resort. This is a destination in Thanh Hoa that is loved by many tourists because of its beautiful landscape, fresh climate and especially a beautiful swimming pool.

The infinity pools in the Central region have a ‘top of the top’ view, spotlessly beautifulThe infinity pool with a mountain view in Pu Luong Eco Garden. Photo: @vietnam_travel_media

In the North Central region with green mountains and forests, with a mild and pleasant climate, Pu Luong Eco Garden becomes a beautiful destination, suitable for “escape” from a stressful life. Here, you can see the rolling mountains, romantic forests and especially immerse yourself in the beautiful swimming pool.

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-2.jpg" alt="""> This resort in Pu Luong  is located along the mountainside with a direct view of the valley, capturing the beauty of heaven and earth. In the middle of that poetic picture, the infinity pool was built in the central location with a large area, cool and calm blue water.

Just sit in and have a nice check-in photo. Photo: @qianatoozia

Coming here, visitors can spend time bathing in the cool water, swimming, and admiring the distant mountains in front of them. What could be more wonderful than checking in to a beautiful swimming pool, relaxing your soul amidst the poetic picture of the mountains and forests of Pu Luong.

2. Alacarte Da Nang – the infinity pool in the Central is beautiful from every angle

If you want to find an infinity pool in the central region that is both beautiful and luxurious, come to Alacarte Danang Hotel. This high-class hotel area is located at 200 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra District, with a direct view of the sea, beautiful from any angle.

Alacarte Da Nang is a hotel located on Son Tra beach, owning an infinity pool with a beautiful view. Photo: @mauthuy_official

Alacarte Danang is chosen by many tourists when

traveling to Da Nang  because of its high-class facilities and a super-wide, super-beautiful infinity pool. Unlike other hotels in the area, the swimming pool in this hotel is designed in an elevated space. Therefore, when experiencing the swimming pool, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Son Tra sea, enjoy the ventilation and comfort.

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-5.jpg" alt=""">Staying at Alacarte Danang, you can check in this

beautiful infinity pool  at any time . Under that cool, clear blue water, visitors can freely show off their bikini figure, live virtual any corner that they love.

The color of the pool water is clear, blending in with the color of the sea below. Photo: @my_thuannhii

According to the experience of many visitors, morning is the best time for you to take a series of beautiful photos here. The warm morning sun is scattered all over the sea, creeping up to the clear blue lake, bringing a beautiful and poetic picture to visitors.

3. Lasenta Boutique Hoi An – infinity pool in the Central region with peaceful rice fields view

Do you like to experience the

infinity pool in the Central region  overlooking the rice fields? If you like, spend time at Lasenta Boutique Hoi An. This is an Asian-style resort located at 57 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoi An city.

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-7.jpg" alt=""">Lasenta Boutique Hoi An is located in a small village, surrounded by immense rice fields. Here, in addition to the system of high-class rooms and many beautiful amenities, the infinity pool with a direct view of the rice fields also brings memorable experiences for visitors.

Experience swimming in the swimming pool while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hoi An village. Photo: @asakiaoyama

Although not possessing a large area, the swimming pool with overflowing design, facing directly to the rice fields will bring a great experience for visitors. The feeling of bathing in the cool water while admiring the beauty of the lush rice fields is a great thing that you should try when

traveling to Hoi An  .

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-9.jpg" alt=""">At different times of the year, visitors will have different emotions when exploring the infinity pool at Lasenta Boutique Hoi An. In the ripe rice season, in front of your eyes is a brilliant yellow color. And in the rice field, the green color covers everywhere. Thanks to that, the virtual live photos here are also more beautiful and unique than in many other places.

4. Amiana Resort Nha Trang – the infinity pool in the Central region with classy design


traveling to the Central region  , you cannot ignore the resort paradise Amiana Resort. This is the place to bring a romantic vacation for couples. With a location right on Pham Van Dong street with a beautiful sea view, this resort will satisfy visitors with infinity pools with luxurious and classy design.

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-10.jpg" alt=""">Amiana Resort owns an area of ​​​​about 10 hectares with the highlight of 3 swimming pools with beautiful sea views “no dead angle”. Coming here, visitors can enjoy immersing themselves in the 2,500 square meters natural seawater pool. Along with that are two freshwater infinity pools of 600 and 700 square meters, respectively.

This resort owns up to 3 comfortably designed swimming pools. Photo: @amianaresort

The best thing is still to experience the feeling of swimming in the seawater pool, then take a relaxing dip in the freshwater pool. With a location facing Nha Trang Bay, at any time of the day you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of this coastal area.

The location of the pool is facing directly to Nha Trang Bay. Photo: @iiamemmaa

The impressive highlight of this system of 3 infinity pools in the Central region is the jade green watercolor that is almost identical to the sea watercolor. If you look at or take photos from above, you will see that the pool water almost blends with the seawater, creating a captivating romantic scene for visitors to shoot freely.

5. Seahorse Resort & Spa Mui Ne – the infinity pool in Central Vietnam looks good from any angle

One of the most beautiful and famous infinity pools in

Central Vietnam  is the one belonging to Seahorse Resort & Spa, located in the heart of Mui Ne city. As a 4-star resort, Seahorse Resort & Spa offers a luxurious and modern space with the highlight of an outdoor infinity pool up to 480 m2.

The infinity pool is up to 480 m2. Photo: @lilitmkrtchyan___

It is known that this is the first infinity pool in Mui Ne, built with beautiful comfort and the highest standards. The lake water is always clear, green and clean, bringing the most comfortable and relaxing experiences for visitors when swimming or soaking in the lake.

img data-src="https://cdn.vietreader.com/uploads/posts/2021-11/thumbs/the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful-14.jpg" alt=""">In order to bring the best moments for guests when using the swimming pool, the resort has designed more covered sun loungers around. In particular, while soaking in the infinity pool, you can also enjoy colorful and delicious cocktails.

The beauty of the pool when viewed from above. Photo: @ seahorsephanthiet_official

Thanks to its prime location on the beach, the infinity pool at Seahorse Resort & Spa has many beautiful check-in corners. It is not difficult for you to take photos of yourself in the blue water, in the distance is the long white sand beach and the immense blue ocean.

Central region always has beautiful infinity pools for visitors to check-in. Photo: @g5hotdeal_travel

Experiencing the

infinity pools in the Central region  is a great thing that every visitor should try once in his life. The feeling of being immersed in the cool and clear water, having the full view of the natural picture of the mountains, the rice fields, and the sea will leave you with the best memories in the journey to discover the provinces. Central Vietnam.

Photo: Instagram

Source : https://vietreader.com/travel/52110-the-infinity-pools-in-the-central-region-have-a-top-of-the-top-view-spotlessly-beautiful.html

The infinity pools in the Central region have a ‘top of the top’ view, spotlessly beautiful


The infinity pools in the Central region have a ‘top of the top’ view, spotlessly beautiful

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