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Picture this Its the perfect day Youre strolling down a sidewalk listening to bird songs enjoying fresh spring flowers and gazing up at the sky Pleasantly distracted you step off the sidewalk into the street Brakes screech horns blare people shriek in horror You snap back to reality just as the truck hits you You fly for yards like a rag doll you land hard Youre numb all over and fading fast Its all over you know it Your life flashes before you like an epic movie The EndYou leave your body and look down at it People are bending over it As the ambulance rushes up a blinding light surges above you It beckons you softly You follow it through a tunnel to a place much more vividly real and spectacular than the one you just left behind You are sure you have arrived in the hereafter Days later you wake up in the hospital bed Sound like a movie Only that This and many more like it are TRUE experiences of those who missed death by chance According to Dr Steven Laureys who studies neardeath experiences After being close to death some people will report having had an outofbody experience having seen a bright light or being passed through a tunnel all wellknown elements of the famous NearDeath Experience People who go on these fantastic journeys are often forever changed Check out some of the most amazing neardeath experiences on record These people insist what they went through was lifealtering But by all means feel free to judge for yourselfPam Reynolds had a swollen blood vessel in the wall of her basilar artery close to the brain stem If it burst which could happen at any moment it would kill her But the standard surgery to drain and repair it might kill her too With no other options Pam turned to a last desperate measure offered by neurosurgeon who was a specialist and pioneer in a daring surgical procedure in which he would bring Pam s body down to a temperature so low that she was essentially dead Her brain would not function but it would be able to survive longer without oxygen at this temperature The low temperature would also soften the swollen blood vessels allowing them to be operated on with less risk of bursting When the procedure was complete the surgical team would bring her back to a normal temperature before irreversible damage set in Essentially Pam agreed and in the process had perhaps the most famous case of out of body experience on record Here s what happenedWhen the doctor began cutting through Pam s skull with a special surgical saw that produced a noise similar to a dental drill At this moment Pam later said she felt herself pop out of her body and hover above it watching as doctors worked on her body During the procedure when Pamela Reynolds was clinically dead Pam s outofbody adventure transformed into a neardeath experience She recalls floating out of the operating room and traveling down a tunnel with a light She saw deceased relatives and friends waiting at the end of this tunnel She entered the presence of a brilliant warm and loving light But this extraordinary experience ended abruptly as Reynolds s deceased uncle led her back to her body a feeling she described as plunging into a pool of ice Meanwhile in the operating room the surgery had come to an end Pam s life had been restored and she was taken to the recovery room in stable conditionFamous actress Elizabeth Taylor spoke about her experience of dying on the operating table while undergoing surgery and of passing through a tunnel towards a brilliant white light Taylor said that while she was clinically dead she had encountered the spirit of Michael Todd one of her former husbands whom she referred to as her great love She had wanted to stay with Todd she said but he had told her that she had work and life ahead of her and he pushed me back to my life Following her resuscitation the elevenperson medical team including doctors nurses witnessed Taylors testimonial of this event I was pronounced dead once and actually saw the light I find it very hard to talk about actually because it sounds so corny It happened in the late 50s and I saw Mike When I came to there were about 11 people in the room Id been gone for about five minutes they had given me up for dead and put my death notice on the wall Anita Moorjani had end stage cancer and was being cared for at home but on the morning of February 2 2006 she did not wake up She had fallen into a coma Doctors said she would not make it beyond the next 36 hours since her organs were no longer functioning and her body had started to swell up Anita saw and heard the conversations between her husband and the doctors that were taking place outside her room about 40 feet away down a hallwayShe also saw her brother on a plane having heard the news that she was dying coming to see her Both things were later confirmed Then she claims to have crossed over to another dimension where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love In her now famous book Dying to be me Anita explains how she had the choice of whether to come back into life or go towards death I became aware that if I chose life my body would heal very quickly I then started to understand how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical Doctors were quite surprised and once Anita became stable they started tracking down the lymph nodes they saw when she entered the hospital Tests had shown swollen lymph nodes and tumors extending from the base of her skull all the way to her lower abdomen but doctors found none They did a bone marrow biopsy to find the cancer activity but there wasnt any Because they were unable to understand what was going on they made her undergo test after test but in vain Miracle I would say Veronika Barthel says that after being struck by lightning while driving her car one day in 1981 she was instantly transported into hell where she found demons escorting her into a big waiting room The creatures that I saw there were more terrifying than anything I even saw in a horror movie Today I know that they were demons As soldiers they where marching past me and in the middle of them were people that were screaming with pain I saw a lake which looked like the inner part of a volcano Veronika says that she saw people being thrown into caves which were guarded by demons who threw spears at them as they screamed She also recalled snakes being present all over the ground which were there to frighten and intimidate the people in hell After her experience Veronika found herself transported back into her car where for a moment she saw her own burning hands gripping the steering wheel In 1989 Don Piper was travelling in a car when he crashed with an 18wheeler headon Paramedics declared him dead He was without a pulse for 90 minutes before he came back to life after a passerby began to pray and sing hymns over his body Don says he remembers music that was beyond spectacular and aromas that hed never smelled before His grandfather was there to greet him alongside several others who had died They all stood in front of a magnificent gate with lights that were pulsating with life he said You know if I was having a dream about it this wouldnt be in it he said Some of these people who met me at the gates I havent thought of in decades He wrote about the trauma in a book 90 Minutes in Heaven A True Story of Death and Life He believes he was sent back to spread the message that heaven is a real place During a kayaking trip in 1999 Dr Mary Neal became pinned under the water making it impossible for her to breathe for anywhere between 15 and 25 minutes That s when she says she experienced a neardeath experience that brought her into the presence of God Jesus and angels During the experience God told her that her family would be facing a tragedy and would need her to help them through Specifically her 9 year old son was going to die Ten years later he died in an accidentMary is convinced Jesus helped her under the water making it possible for rescue workers to revive her following the kayaking accident She awoke with two broken legs and lung complications and spent a month in the hospital followed by six weeks in a wheelchair She wrote a book called To Heaven And Back Brian Miller was declared dead after suffering a massive heart attack at an Ohio hospital Then to the surprise of nurses and doctors after 45 minutes his heart randomly started beating again Miller told a TV channel that while he was out he saw a light and relatives who had passed away Miller said he remembers walking along a heavenly path lined with flowers He was then stopped by his motherinlaw who had passed away She grabbed a hold of my arm and told me that It s not your time Despite that for 45 minutes his brain did not receive any oxygen doctors said Miller did not suffer any brain damage Pronounced dead immediately after he was hit by a car in 1976 while trying to leave the USSR Rodonaia was left for three days in the morgue He did not return to life until a doctor began to make an incision in his abdomen as part of an autopsy procedure Prior to his neardeath experience he worked as a neuropathologist He was also an avowed atheist However after the experience he devoted himself exclusively to the study of spirituality taking a second doctorate in the psychology of religion He then became an ordained priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church He served as a pastor in TexasHe delivered a keynote address to the United Nations on the Emerging Global Spirituality Dr Rodonaias experience in his own words can be read in a book The Journey Home He died in 2004 While diving for lobster one day in Mauritius Ian McCormack was stung on the arm by a box jellyfish He says that by the time the ambulance arrived he already felt completely paralyzed and necrosis had begun to set in As he lay dying Ian saw a vision of his mother praying for him and after he made it to the hospital he was clinically dead for a period of 15 20 minutes That s when he found himself in a very dark place and began to hear people screaming From the darkness I began to hear men s voices screaming at me telling me to shut up that I deserved to be there and that I was in Hell As I stood there a radiant beam of light shone through the darkness and immediately began to lift me upward It seemed to be emanating from a circular opening far above me As he walked toward the light Ian says he could feel it giving off a living emotion McCormack shared his story with several news outlets and talk shows Colton Burpo wasn t quite four years old when his appendix burst landing him in a hospital for emergency surgery And when he awoke two hours later he had an amazing story to tell He said he had been to heaven where he met Jesus John the Baptist God and even family members who had passed away previously including a baby sister that his mother had lost due to a miscarriage and he didn t know about He also met an old man he called Pop Later he was able to identify Pop in a family photograph It was his paternal grandfather And while the surgery was taking place Colton told his father that he had seen him in another room where he had gone to pray His father Todd Burpo said We knew he wasn t making it up because he told us what we were doing in another part of the hospital Todd wrote a book called Heaven Is For Real that recounts the entire story of his son s incredible experience What happens when we die is still a mystery and it might remain like that However what makes us wonder is that how come thousands of stories from people who were clinically dead but then came back to life share similarities like a warm white light a tunnel and dead friends or family welcoming them I guess some questions are meant to remain unanswered Do share your thoughts

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