What Beaches Are On The East Coast Of Florida

What are the most expensive condos sold in Miami-Dade County in the last week?

In total, 560 real estate sales were registered in the area during the last week, with an average price of $534,724. The average price per square foot ended up at $442.

Mexico’s beaches are more popular than ever: Here’s what you need to know

With vaccination and the exercise of basic cautions, the beaches are prime candidates for a vacation. This may be especially true for Texans. The most popular international flight from Dallas-Fort ...

Health Minister Duclos was asked about beach vacations this winter, here’s what he said

What would Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos tell someone who’s planning a beach vacation for their family for the coming winter months, in the face of the omicron variant and other unknowns?

Maine’s cobblestone beaches are magical places

My dog, Juno, lept back as the frothy ocean rushed up the beach to kiss our feet. Then, in a blink, the water was flowing back the way it had come. Hundreds of smooth, round stones tumbled with it ...

Virginia teacher shortages spiked during the pandemic; experts are worried about what’s to come

John Reaves works as a high school English teacher in Henrico County but commutes 30 miles to work from his home in Louisa. The drive takes time away from his ...

Things to do: What's happening in and around the Beaches

Enjoy some fresh air and fine arts on Saturday, Nov. 6 during the 17th annual Arts in the Park, hosted by the City of Atlantic Beach at Johansen Park. Scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the event ...

What is winter style for an L.A. artist on his way to Art Basel? Hygge on a beach

Bryant Giles, who has been straddling the art and fashion worlds to great success, shares insight on his personal style, latest work and staying inspired.

Grab your camera and help science! King tides are crashing onto California beaches

The unusually high and low tides will be affecting coastal communities over the weekend. Scientists are calling on residents and visitors to help document the phenomenon.

Holiday Happenings — what to do in Long Beach for the holidays

Long Beach. Things are different from last year for holiday celebrations, with plenty of in-person activities. Here are some upcoming events to help make your plans. A ...

What if the Beach Day photo never existed

Because well, I wanted to bring up on what if this time paradox photo that has Star & Marco on the Beach Day never occurred. It would not only create less headaches to the fandom, but, at least to me, ...