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University of Florida student president faces impeachment for Trump Jr.'s $50K campus talk
Joshua Bote 
What you need to know about Kurt Volker, Trump's ex-Ukraine envoy and first witness in impeachment inquiry
William Cummings and Deirdre Shesgreen 
Facebook paid people to gather data on usage habits
Jefferson Graham 
Khashoggi was a free speech warrior and the latest casualty in a global war on journalists
Kathy Kiely 
Comedian Andy Gross accused of sexually harassing Purdue student during show
Justin L. Mack 
Report: Amazon phone will be AT&T exclusive
Edward C. Baig 
Apple: 46% of devices running iOS 8
Brett Molina 
Running community cites boom among black Americans
Melanie Eversley 
Cleanup firm's claim to speed Sandy funds proves false
Bob Jordan, The Asbury Park (N.J.) Press 
No-bid contract for Sandy cleanup draws flak
Bob Jordan, Asbury Park (N.J.) Press 
French police link terrorist cell to foreign financing
Doug Stanglin and Jane Onyanga-Omara 
What happened to the last man to beat Mayweather?    
Martin Rogers 
Angry soccer fans chase opposing team out of the stadium    
Nick Schwartz 
Harvey victims need federal program that saved Mississippi post-Katrina says Haley Barbour
Haley Barbour 
Alcohol may be game changer at Taco Bell, and McDonald's could use a boost
Rick Munarriz, The Motley Fool 
Ask the Captain: Is turbulence worse at certain times of year?
Former congressman Connie Mack at center of odd fake news controversy
Ledyard King and Ledyard King 
Gap apologizes for racially insensitive ad
Mary Bowerman 
Bulgarian PM resigning after his party loses presidency’s word of the year: 'xenophobia'
Mary Bowerman 
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