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Spotify Wrapped is here! Talking Tech podcast
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Careful where you click: Tragedies like Michigan's Oxford school shooting attract scammers
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What year is it? Here's why everyone is talking about Microsoft stock again
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The Metaverse is here: What is it? How will people use it?
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Use the Verizon app? Check your settings to protect your privacy
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Yes, it's possible to retire with $1 million on a $50,000 salary. Here's how.
Dave Kovaleski 
50 gifts your wife will absolutely love in 2021
Rachel Murphy, Sarah Kovac, Shayna Murphy, Nishka Dhawan and Brittany Romano 
Planning to trade in your iPhone or Android phone? Take these steps first
Brett Molina 
Here are 5 last-minute moves retirees can make to save money on taxes
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Amazon not loading? Can't hook up on Tinder? The internet has failed you again. Here's what to do
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Enrolling in health insurance can be like a new language. Here's a glossary of terms to help
Morgan Hines 
Medicare Part B costs are soaring. Here's what you'll pay in 2022.
Maurie Backman 
Here's how tech can tell that your partner is cheating on you
Kim Komando 
Federal Realty is a dividend king: Here's why it belongs in your retirement portfolio
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Getting a booster shot? Here are 10 products that may help ease discomfort
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Ethereum is poised to be the next Bitcoin. Here's why it's the hot new cryptocurrency.
Chris Neiger 
Spotify Wrapped 2021 is available now: Here's how to find your top artists and songs
Brett Molina 
Ulta Cyber Monday is here—save big on makeup, skincare and more
Jessica Kasparian and Cailey Lindberg 
Airports are getting busy again—here's what you need to make your travels more comfortable
Felicity Warner 
Scammers are sending fake 'store' surveys and impersonating Amazon: Here's what to watch out for
Michelle Shen 
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