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Chris Cuomo gets fired by CNN after aiding his brother
Chris Cuomo's book pulled from publication after CNN firing, accusation of sexual harassment
Elise Brisco 
CNN suspended anchor Chris Cuomo indefinitely. Good. He betrayed viewers' trust
Bill Goodykoontz 
Chris Cuomo says CNN suspension for aiding brother Andrew during scandal is 'embarrassing'
Joseph Spector 
CNN's Chris Cuomo used his media sources to get intel on brother Andrew's accusers
Cydney Henderson 
A leopard grabbed her son so this mother chased the animal down until it let the boy go.
Gabriela Miranda 
Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty: Here's how TV news covered the controversial verdict
Bill Goodykoontz 
As omicron is reported now in at least 15 states, officials push again for vaccines, boosters, masks: COVID-19 updates
Jeanine Santucci, Bill Keveney and Jorge L. Ortiz 
New COVID-19 travel rules amid omicron, latest on Michigan school shooting: 5 Things podcast
Taylor Wilson 
Opinion: New Arthur Ashe documentary reveals how tennis icon transformed activism in America
'Intent to kill': A visual timeline of deadly shooting at Oxford High School
Janet Loehrke, Jennifer Borresen and George Petras 
Fact check: False claim that CNN wrote about In-N-Out, white supremacy
Nayeli Lomeli 
Citizen Ashe: Trailer for new Arthur Ashe documentary
Courtesy Magnolia Pictures/CNN Films/HBO Max 
'Citizen Ashe' delves into Arthur Ashe's triumph at Wimbledon in 1975
Courtesy Magnolia Pictures/CNN Films/HBO Max 
'America's Got Talent' singer Nightbirde shares 'miracle' update on breast cancer diagnosis
Chris Pugh 
Biden at CNN town hall: Medicare expansion, free community college likely out of social safety-net package
Courtney Subramanian and Joey Garrison 
CNN's John King reveals he has multiple sclerosis, applauds vaccine mandates
Rasha Ali 
Oxford shooting probe, Chris Cuomo investigation, COVID-19 testing: 5 things to know Monday
Here's the biggest news you missed this weekend
Fact check: Claim that Kyle Rittenhouse is suing LeBron James started as satire
McKenzie Sadeghi 
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