Navigating COVID-19 Tips for finding them Key to tax refund Difficulty not drinking
Stowaway survives 11-hour flight from South Africa to Amsterdam in nose wheel of cargo plane
Asha C. Gilbert 
Fact check: False claim that Australian politician faked his booster shot
Nayeli Lomeli 
Fact check: Protest in Netherlands in response to gas extractions, not COVID-19 regulations
Nayeli Lomeli 
Fact check: Claim missing context on Bill Gates 2010 quote about population sustainability
Sudiksha Kochi 
Fauci says omicron infections could peak by mid-February; Gonzaga banishes Hall of Famer John Stockton: COVID-19 updates
John Bacon and Jorge L. Ortiz 
Tesla shareholders want Elon Musk to pay $13 billion for role in acquisition of SolarCity
Michelle Shen 
Baby lost during Taliban siege of Afghanistan reunited with family four months later
Jordan Mendoza 
Fact check: Fake Mars photo not connected to NASA
Kate S. Petersen 
Frenemies? Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis eye each other warily before 2024 presidential race
David Jackson 
Fact check: Photo of electric cars shows French car storage area, not result of battery failure
Kate S. Petersen 
Russian military intervention in Kazakhstan could be prelude to invading Ukraine
Stephen J. Beard and George Petras 
Sarah Palin tests positive for COVID, delaying trial; WHO says pandemic at 'critical' stage: Live updates
John Bacon, Jorge L. Ortiz and Celina Tebor 
Fact check: Image falsely shows COVID-19 vaccine vaporizer cartridge
Valerie Pavilonis 
One America News Network dropped by DirecTV, a major financial blow for far-right network
Mike Snider 
Italian and Roman Catholic leaders condemn Nazi flag placed on coffin at church funeral
Associated Press 
Fact check: False claim that celebrities' deaths linked to child sex trafficking documentary
Sudiksha Kochi 
Fact check: Viral video shows Chinese rocket launch, not 'artificial sun'
Sudiksha Kochi 
Fact check: False claim that Nuremberg Code prohibits mask mandates
Daniel Funke 
Personalized smart guns, which allow only verified users to shoot, may become available in US
Michelle Shen 
Fact check: False claim that Bidens' visit to children's hospital on Christmas Eve was staged
Ella Lee 
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