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‘This doll is beautiful like you’: Why multicultural toys represent more than playtime
Jenna Intersimone 
When is Diwali, and how is it celebrated? Plus, a few recipes for some sweet treats
Michelle Shen 
How legal and cultural barriers keep Indigenous people from protecting sacred spaces off tribal land
Debra Utacia Krol 
Trial of men in Ahmaud Arbery killing, Diwali, 'Eternals': 5 things to know Thursday
7 fun ways to celebrate Diwali with kids
Nishka Dhawan 
Priyanka Chopra Jonas lights up Diwali with star-studded holiday celebration
Edward Segarra 
Afghans seek more aid, Aaron Rodgers under fire after COVID-19 diagnosis: 5 Things podcast
Taylor Wilson 
Bali dream vacations on hold for Americans as island reopens to international travel
Firdia Lisnawati 
Beggars’ Night, ‘Stranger’ hotel stays, haunted history: News from around our 50 states
From USA TODAY Network and wire reports 
Taliban say they took Panjshir, last holdout Afghan province
Kathy Gannon 
From the archives | The day before an American tragedy: dispatches from Sept. 10, 2001
Timely rejuvenation at landmark US Hindu temple
'White hot rage': America's veterans are ashamed of Biden's ugly retreat from Afghanistan
Brett G. Odom 
Fact check: No evidence Taliban sentenced 229 Christian missionaries to death
Daniel Funke 
Latest from Afghanistan: Biden says it's possible U.S. may extend Aug. 31 deadline to remove troops
Rebecca Morin, Joey Garrison and Michael Collins 
Lightning strike kills at least 11 people visiting popular tourist attraction
Asha C. Gilbert 
Her trial for officiating a same-sex wedding triggered a decade of activism to try to change the United Methodist Church. It didn't work.
Madeline Heim 
Ramadan at Starbucks: How companies can profit by respecting religious diversity
Eboo Patel 
Bride dies of heart attack at wedding. Sister marries the groom with her body in next room.
Asha C. Gilbert 
Street artist sues Vatican for using Christ image on Easter stamp: 'I couldn’t believe it'
Nicole Winfield 
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